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In Search of Lost Time Quest Guide - Genshin Impact

In search of lost time Genshin Impact

In search of lost time Genshin Impact is a world quest introduced with update 4.1. It takes place in four parts and will allow you to explore the Fontaine region in greater depth. The aim of this quest is to help the hydrologist Broglie to collect some lost data. Do you want to embark on this mission, but are afraid you won't be able to? Then take advantage of our comprehensive guide, which gives you a step-by-step guide to completing this quest and unlocking all the rewards.

In search of lost time in Genshin Impact - mission requirements

As with most Genshin Impact quests, there are a few prerequisites to meet before you can access this quest. But don't worry, there's nothing insurmountable about it! Find out how to access "in search of lost time Genshin Impact":

  • Have updated to Genshin Impact 4.1
  • Have unlocked the Fontaine region
  • Be of a high enough level to face all the challenges

Even if you haven't completed the Archon quests, you can still access the In search of lost time Genshin mission.

The southern part of In Search of Lost Time in Genshin Impact

The first part of this quest takes you to the research institute in Fontaine. Follow the marker on your map to the south-west of this new region. Move forward until you find a broken bridge near the water.

Hydrologist Broglie is on site. Talk to him to find out what's bothering him. Once you've finished talking to him, the quest can begin.

In search of lost time Genshin Impact Broglie

You need to get to the tower that's right under your feet, in the water. To do this, simply dive down from the bridge. Following the quest marker, enter the tower.

In search of lost time Genshin Impact map

Here you are in a room where some documents are floating next to a shelf. Read them to find out more about your objective and a mysterious mechanism.

In search of lost time Genshin data

Now exit the tower. A floating robot is facing you. To destroy it, you need to use the jellyfish next to it. Once you've done that, the mechanism is finally unlocked. Use a normal attack on the mechanism to open the door at the very bottom of the tower. Hurry, as the door will only stay open for a short time. If you haven't had time to enter the door, hit the mechanism again.

In the room you are in, activate the console. This part of the quest can be a little frustrating, as you'll have to transfer energy between different devices. If you don't want to waste time looking for them, here are their locations:

  • One on the ceiling
  • One on the left-hand wall
  • One towards the bottom of the room
  • One under the bookcase

Solving this riddle will open a passageway leading to the upper room. On your way, you can pick up a Hydroculus.

In the upper room, all you have to do is activate the terminal to recover the lost data.

In search of lost time Genshin terminal

Return to Broglie to complete this part of the In Search of Lost Time Genshin Impact mission.

Quest rewards

  • 250 experience points
  • 30 Primogems
  • The Plague
  • Experience books

The West, the second part of the quest

The second part of this quest takes you to the Liffey district. From the teleporter, head north. A large tower faces you. Go inside.

In search of lost time tour

You have to climb up to the last floor. But be careful, there are skirmishers waiting for you on each floor. You need to destroy them all before you can climb to safety.

As you take the last staircase, you'll hear a voice. Keep going up until you reach a closed passage. Now return to the previous floor and examine the note on the table. You will learn of the existence of two Fatui camps and their locations.

Leave the tower and head west to reach the first camp near the destroyed bridge. Kill all the enemies and collect the chest. There's nothing else to do in this camp. Go and search the second camp to the south of the tower, near the cliff.

Genshin Impact First Camp Quest

Once again, there are many enemies in the camp. Fight them and then read the note on a small box next to the tent. This note tells you where to go.

Head south-west of the tower. To find your way, follow the smoke. Once there, hit the cauldron with a normal attack. A battle against Commander Shumilov and his henchmen awaits you.

Genshin Impact Quest Second Camp

When you have defeated your opponents, return to the tower and climb the floors to the passage that was previously blocked. Enter the room and activate the stabiliser. You're going to have to solve a new riddle.

When you activate the stabiliser, you'll notice a circle going up and down. The aim is to hit the stabiliser at the right moment when the circle is in the highlighted area. The precise order for solving this puzzle is :

  • Bottom
  • Up
  • Down

In search of lost time stabiliser

If you succeed, a passage to the tower attic will open. Retrieve the chest and then activate the terminal to recover the lost data and end this part of the mission.

Quest rewards

  • 300 experience points
  • 40 Primogems
  • Mora
  • Equipment to level up your characters
  • Weapons

Go to the northern part of In search of lost time Genshin Impact

It's time for the third stage of the mission In search of lost time Genshin Impact. You need to find the third tower. It's located to the north-west of the institute. Unfortunately, the main entrance to the tower is closed. To get inside, you have to go through the side.

Once inside, you will hear an unknown voice coming from the lower floor. Only, the passage is closed. But rest assured, on your right there is a mechanism to activate, which will automatically open the passage for you.

In search of lost time Genshin voice

There is a new puzzle to solve. It's similar to the one in the first tower, where you had to transfer energy between several devices.

The principle is simple. Collect the energy from the storage device and transfer it to the device on the wall to your right. This will open up a passageway to go further down. Don't forget to collect the chest before going down.

Fight the enemies in the room, then pick up the red battery on the left of the table and go back up one floor. Transfer the energy as you did before, then collect the charged disc and go up one floor.

Genshin Battery Quest

Place the battery in the device next to the stairs and then activate the terminal to open the passageway that will take you to the next floor. Retrieve the battery and climb up. Place it next to the stabiliser and activate it.

You'll have to do the same thing you did in the second tower with the ring that goes up and down. This time, the order is :

  • Middle
  • Top
  • Bottom

Genshin Impact Puzzle Quest

The path to the attic will open up. Go up, get the chest and then activate the terminal to take the data. This part of the quest is complete.

Quest rewards

  • 250 experience points
  • 30 Primogems
  • The Plague
  • Hero experience books

Final stage of the In Search of Lost Time Genshin quest

Once you've completed the three stages of In Search of Genshin Impact's Lost Time, you can finally reach the final stage. You need to return to Broglie, who this time is at the treatment station.

As you go to examine the station, you'll be attacked by a group of enemies. Eradicate them and enter the station. Progress floor by floor, killing all the enemies in your path. When you reach the last level, a final group of enemies will be waiting for you. Stop them once and for all to recover the famous data and return it to Broglie.

Completing In search of lost time Genshin Impact will unlock the 'Forgotten Kingdom' achievement.

In search of lost time Fontaine

We hope that this guide will make it easier for you to complete In Search of Lost Time Genshin Impact. Don't forget to check out our other quest guides, such as Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade and Aranyaka.

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