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Get Mora in Genshin Impact | Guide to farming

Farming Mora in Genshin Impact

It's all very well to have the best characters, weapons or artefacts in Genshin Impact, but if you don't have enough Mora, you won't be able to level them up! And let's face it, even the smallest upgrade costs a lot of money, so you run out of gold very quickly. Fortunately, there are many ways toget Mora quickly in Genshin Impact. To help you get rich in the game, we've listed all the activities you can do to collect and farm Mora in this comprehensive guide!

What is the purpose of the Mora in Genshin Impact ?

Cost in Mora to increase a character

Mora are the currency used in Genshin Impact. It is a precious and above all indispensable resource. With them you can :

  • Buy consumables: ingredients, dishes, recipes, etc. ;
  • Improve your artifacts;
  • Improve your weapons;
  • Increase the level of your characters.

How to get Mora in Genshin Impact through exploration?

Exploration is one of the best ways to find Mora in Genshin Impact. To collect a lot of gold coins you can do the following.

Opening safes

Chest with Mora in Genshin Impact

There are 4 different types: ordinary safe, delicate safe, precious safe and luxury safe. Locate them quickly with the interactive Teyvat map.

Collecting wooden crates

You will find them near beaches and watering holes. The crates reappear daily and are also listed on the interactive RPG map.

Destroying artefacts

Destroying 1, 2 or 3 star artefacts is a quick way to recover Moras.

Finish all the quests in Genshin Impact to get as much Mora as possible

Genshin Impact There are a variety of quests to choose from, including main quests, side quests, character quests, escapades and more. Each one offers generous rewards, including gold and Moras.

Completing the Battle Pass

You can complete weekly and daily quests such as collecting ores, cooking or doing dungeons to increase the level of your Battle Pass and thus collect numerous rewards including Mora. It is renewed with each update.

Carry out the missions in the Adventurer Handbook

Get Mora in Genshin Impact with the Adventurer Handbook

Access the Adventurer Handbook via the game menu. The book consists of 9 chapters, each with different challenges. Several of them pay Moras and each time you reach a certain level you will also receive gold.

Triumph in the Spiral Abyss

During these tough challenges, you will face powerful enemies spread over 8 levels, each with 3 floors. For each level, the first floor awards 15,000 Mora, the second 20,000 Mora and the third 25,000 Mora. Once you have completed the 8 levels, you will have access to 4 additional levels: the Abyss. They have the advantage of being reset twice a month. However, the challenge is more perilous. Check out our article on the best characters in Genshin Impact to make it easier for you.

Farmer des Mora in Genshin Impact

Still don't have enough Mora? Don't worry, Genshin Impact offers several ways to farm Mora daily.

The Blossom of Wealth

Blossom of Wealth

Defeating the enemies of the Blossom of Wealth is probably the fastest way to earn Mora in Genshin Impact. Look for these challenges on your map: they are yellow swirls. To access them, you must spend 20 Original Resins. The higher your world level, the more gold you will earn.


By contacting a Catherine, you can send your characters on an expedition. Several offer to collect Mora. If you choose 20 hours, you will collect 5000 Mora each time. And a little tip: some characters reduce the shipping time by 25%.

Daily quests

You can complete 4 missions each day, each of which pays 6575 Moras. If you go and validate them with Catherine, you will get an extra reward.

Requests and premiums

You can make 3 requests and 3 bonuses per week in Mondstadt, Liyue or Inazuma. In addition to increasing your reputation, you can earn up to 150,000 Mora.

Farmer mobs in Genshin Impact

Enemies in Genshin Impact

It's not necessarily the most profitable option, but by fighting monsters, you will collect some Mora and resources. The more powerful the monster, the more generous the reward. Quickly locate the game's creatures in the "Enemies" tab of the Adventurer Handbook.

The treasure chest of the northern bank in Liyue

Northern bank vault in Liyue

Get 200,000 Mora by opening the safe at the Northern Bank at Liyue Port. It is located above the souvenir shop. Once inside, you will find the safe at the top of the stairs.

Exchange Mora directly in Genshin Impact

The other way to get your hands on Mora in Genshin Impact is to exchange them for other resources such as :

  • Coins of the realm: you collect them daily in your Serenitea Pot. Get up to 200,000 Mora per week in the Bazaar of Tubby.
  • Stardust: You earn this currency by performing summonses. You can buy Mora with it in the game shop. However, it is recommended that you save the Stardust to purchase Fate Stones and Destiny Stones.
  • Anemo Sigils and Geo Sigils: you can collect them in the chests of Mondstadt and Liyue. You can then use them to buy various items, including money, in the souvenir shops in Mondstadt and Liyue. 1 Sigil will get you 1600 Mora. You can do this transaction 60 times. Then, once you have purchased all the items in the shops, you will have access to an unlimited offer: 1600 Mora for 2 Sigils.
Buy Mora in Genshin Impact in exchange for Geo Sigils

With these tips, you can earn a lot of Mora every day. Remember to use your resins regularly, whether it's to do dungeons or Blossoms of Wealth. Don't hesitate to indicate on your map with markers where you have found mobs or crates, so that you can come back and farm them later. Also watch out for temporary events which are a good source of gold coins!

Get some extra Mora with the codes offered by MiHoYo. And what if, in addition to farming Mora, you took the opportunity to get your hands on Primogems with our detailed guide?

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