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How to beat 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom? - Team F2P

How to beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

After being stuck for several days on stage 16-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom, I'm going to show you in this guide everything you need to know to win easily against Stardust and with 3 stars. The team and treasures I've used can be adapted, and they don't have to be at maximum level! Even if you've only been playing CRK for a short time, you'll still be able to pass this stage thanks to this composition of cookies on automatic.

The 16-30 CRK strategy in automatic and 3-star versions

The strategy for defeating CRK's 16-30 is simple enough, but you can't just use Cookie Run Kingdom's best cookies. You need to have plenty of looping attacks (or summons) to remove the boss's shield quickly, and 3 healers/support to absorb all the boss's damage.

Win 16-30 CRK in 3 stars

The team I'm about to introduce also revolves around the treasure Seamstress's Pin Cushion, which allows Cotton Cookie to have numerous summons and thus knock down the boss's shield quickly. For my part, I've added Cookie Jus de Pruneaux to get the most out of this treasure, but if you have another Cookie that deals heavy damage, like Sea Fairy Cookie, you can also use it.

The Cookie Run Kingdom 16-30 team can be adapted to your cookies. There are just a few rules to follow in the strategy to pass it smoothly and automatically.

The cookies to use for 16-30 CRK

The cookies I used to get through Cookie Run Kingdom 16-30 step are the following:

  • Pitaya Dragon Cookie
  • Prune Juice Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
  • Snapdragon Cookie
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie

I advise you to have your Cookies between level 50 and 60 minimum to pass this stage automatically, with their spells increased to the maximum according to their level.

Team for 16-30 cookie run kingdom

Cookie toppings

No special toppings are required for the toppings to be fitted. These are the standard sets for these types of cookies. However, I advise you to have all toppings at least level 9 and in epic. Ideally level 12 for the Raspberry set.

  • Raspberry set (ATK %) for Dragon Fruit Cookie and Prune Juice Cookie
  • Almond set (RES DGTS %) for Cotton Cookie
  • Choco Chip set (refill time %) for Snapdragon Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie

Treasures to combine with composition

The treasures to be used don't have to be at max level to be useful. I used the following 3 treasures to get through this last stage of the story:

  • Squishy Jelly Watch (cd reduction), level 12 recommended
  • Seamstress's Pin (boost invocations): level 4 recommended
  • Disciple's Magic Scroll (ATK% and DEF%): level 10 recommended

Squishy Jelly Watch treasure can be replaced by its epic equivalent if the latter is high enough level (8+).

Here's a video of the 16-30 floor fight:

Adapt this Cookie Run Kingdom 16-30 team to your cookies

If you don't have the cookies I use in my composition against 16-30, you can adapt it with your own. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pitaya Dragon Cookie can be replaced with another tank or assault, for example Financier Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie or Wildberry.
  • Prune Juice Cookie can be replaced by another DPS such as Sea Fairy Cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie,...
  • Snapdragon Cookie can be replaced by another healer/supporter such as Herb Cookie or Pomegranate Cookie.
    Can also be replaced by Milky Way Cookie with composition : Financier + Black Pearl + Cotton + Vanille Pure.
  • Cotton and Vanilla Pure cookies are not really replaceable. They are the basis of this composition to pass the 16-30.

And that's it, this guide to winning Cookie Run Kingdom 16-30 has come to an end. I hope you've found it useful, and that it's unlocked this final stage of the story for you! Feel free to post your teams and adaptations in comments to help other players. Get cooking! 🍪

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