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Legend of Mushroom Relics | complete guide

Legend of Mushroom Complete Relic Guide

Legend of Mushroom is now your favourite game and you want to take your adventure even further. We're here for you again with our complete guide to the Legend of Mushroom Relics. Thanks to all the information we're about to reveal, you'll know exactly what abilities each of them has and what benefits they'll give you. Mushrooms, grab your weapons and get ready for the battle of the Legend of Mushroom relics!

Legend of Mushroom relics: presentation of all the Relics

After the LoM skill ranking, where we revealed all the subtleties of the skills available to you, we took a look at the Pal that can help you gain power and win all your battles hands down. You're now at a level where the new items you've recently unlocked come into play: Relics. But what are they?

Legend of Mushroom's Relics are items that allow you to gain bonuses and improve some of your abilities. You can unlock them with Relic Fragments , which you'll earn each time you complete a dungeon in the City in Ruins. They are divided into 7 categories, each containing 5 items. Here's the full list:

  • Masks: Bonded Mask, Arrow King Mask, Ironclad Mask, Priest Mask, Demon's Mask.
  • Fossils: Thundercaller Kite, Golden Eggshell, Whirlwind Feather, Amber Snail, Dragonweave Circlet.
  • Underground Treasures: Arrow Bamboo, Bleu Snowflake, Blessed Dew, Magic Box, Metamorphic Crystal
  • Books: Flame Book, Beasthide Book, Immunity Book, Healing Book, Stonewrit Tome
  • Statues: Energy Statue, Cage Statue, Crystal Statue, Time Statue, Asteroth Statue
  • Necklaces: Shield Necklace, Crimson Sickle Necklace, Storm Necklace, Spirit Necklace, Abyss Necklace.

The last category, called 'Spores', remains a complete mystery to many players, so we'll be sure to keep you informed as soon as this feature is unlocked.

Legend of Mushroom Relics: Masks

Masks are one of the first Legend of Mushroom Relics you'll unlock as you progress. It's important to take into account the main characteristics of your class in order to create a real complementarity between your relics and increase your stats. Here are the characteristics of the Legend of Mushroom Relic Masks in detail:

Relics Features

Legend of Mushroom Relic Bonded Mask

Bonded Mask

Critical Strike +10

Legend of Mushroom Relic Arrow King Mask

Arrow King Mask

+10% Combo

Ironclad Mask Reliques Legend of Mushroom

Ironclad Mask

Counter Attack +10

Legend of Mushroom Relic Priest Mask

Priest Mask

Evasion +5

Legend of Mushroom relic Demon's Mask

Demon's Mask

Skill Crit Rate +5

Fossils, other LoM relics to discover

Fossils are a category of Legend of Mushroom relics that allow you to enhance the characteristics of your Pal and increase the power of your best Legend of Mushroom pal teams. Here are the Legend of Mushroom Relic Fossils and their abilities:

Relics Features

Thundercaller Kite Relics Legend of Mushroom

Thundercaller Kite

Summons lightning once the active skill is triggered, inflicting 670% damage

Coquille dOeuf dOr Reliques Legend of Mushroom

Gilded Eggshell

Hen Pal continuously throws 5 eggs every 10 seconds, dealing a total of 1241% damage.

Whirlwind Feather Relics Legend of Mushroom

Whirlwind Feather

Elf Sidekick ATK speed +16.67%.

Escargot dAmbre Reliques Legend of Mushroom

Amber Snail

Snail and Hydro-Elf Pal damage +8.75

Legend of Mushroom Dragon Relic Back Ring

Dragonweave Circlet

Normal Dragon, Turtle and Lizard Acolyte ATK has a 20% chance to inflict damage equal to 0.5% of maximum HP.

Legend of Mushroom Relics: Underground Treasures

The Underground Treasure is a set of Legend of Mushroom Relics whose effects will also affect your Pal. Now you know which Pal to choose to help you in your battles, but if you have a memory lapse, don't hesitate to read or re-read our ranking of the best Legend of Mushroom pals, where you'll find full details of each of the companions in the game.

Relics Features

Legend of Mushroom Relic Arrow Bamboo

Arrow Bamboo

Panda Sidekick Critical Crit +20

Bleu Snowflake Reliques Legend of Mushroom

Bleu Snowflake

Snow sprite Pal throws a large snowball every 12 seconds, dealing 1459% damage

Blessed Dew Relics Legend of Mushroom

Blessed Dew

Cactus Pal Combo +18.4

Legend of Mushroom Magic Relic Box

Magic Box

Cat and Deer Pal damage +20.54

Legend of Mushroom Relic bonding crystal

Metamorphic Crystal

Dog, Fox and Octopus Pal Attack Speed +5.84

LoM Relics: the Books

Wisely chosen Books will give you a distinct advantage in battles with end-of-level bosses. It goes without saying that the more you improve them, the more powerful you'll be in your PvE confrontations. Here's all the information you need to know about the Legend of Mushroom Relic Books.

Relics Features

Reliques LoM Flame Book

Flame Book

Increases ATK by 1% for each second that elapses after the start of combat, up to a maximum of 10%.

Beasthide Book relics Legend of Mushroom

Beasthide Book

Damage inflicted on the boss +20

Livre dImmunité Reliques LoM

Immunity book

After reaching Boss level, immune to damage for 3 seconds when HP drops below 70% for the 1st time.

Healing Book Relics Guide LoM

Healing Book

Ami 10% of HP lost every 5 seconds when affixed to a Boss level

Reliques Legend of Mushroom Livre de Pierre

Stonewrit Tome of Veins

Normal ATK damage reduction, Pal damage reduction, Counter DMG damage reduction, Combo DMG damage reduction

If you need Legend of Mushroom tips, we can help you on our dedicated pages.

Statues, other Legend of Mushroom relics

The statues in the Legend of Mushroom relics will have an exciting effect on your skills. They should therefore be chosen in perfect harmony with the skills most suited to your class. To help you choose, here is the list of Statues in the Relics.

Relics Features

Legend of Mushroom Energy Statue

Energy Statue

Batty Trace, Nature's Renewal and Shroom Shield damage +30

Legend of Mushroom Reliques Cage Statue

Cage Statue

Durian Bomb, Easy Breezy and Take it Slow effects +30

Statue dIllusion LoM

Crystal Statue of Illusion

Gold Coin Bomb, Slime Bomb and Meteor Fall +30% effect

Time Statue Lom

Time Statue

Duration of Disarm, Dazzle and Smoke Bomb effects +50

Asteroth Relics Legend of Mushroom Statue

Stellar Statue

Duration of Hundred Slashes, Worldly Snare and Starr Array +50% effects

Legend of Mushroom Necklaces

Necklaces also have a very positive impact on skills, exacerbating their characteristics. Knowing the details will help you choose the one that brings you the most, and not just the one that suits your complexion best. So let's find out more about the Legend of Mushroom Relic Necklaces and their benefits.

Relics Features

Legend of Mushroom Relic Shield Necklace

Shield Necklace

Grim Reaper +80% damage

Crimson Sickle Necklace Legend of Mushroom Relics

Crimson Sickle Necklace

By triggering the passage of the Wild Gust and Blade Pierce, HP equal to 2.5% of max HP are Ami'd

Legendof Mushroom Relic Storm Necklace

Storm Necklace

Summoned units with the Arrival of Heroic Descent and Clone Strike ATK inflict 30% more damage.

Legend of Mushroom Relic Spirit Necklace

Spirit Collar

Normal attacks deal 15% more damage for the duration of the Blitz Assault

Legend of Mushroom Reliques Abyss Necklace

Abyss Necklace

Dragonic Resonance, Windobone Arrow and Crimson Moonfall damage increased by 30

This brings us to the end of the Legend of Mushroom Complete Relic Guide. You now have an extra string to your Longbow, even if you're not an Archer, so you can build up more power than other players and become completely unbeatable in both PvP and PvE. It's been a pleasure to accompany you through this Legend of Mushroom Relics guide, and I look forward to seeing you soon for more adventures! In the meantime, be sure to check out the LoM tier list for the best mushroom upgrades!

GipsyD GipsyD: 1980 tons of curiosity, love of words, games and movies! The light pen and the sharp sword.
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