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Legend of Mushroom tier list

Legend of Mushroom tier list - ranking of the best mushroom evolutions

Mushrooms have taken our screens by storm with Legend of Mushroom. This idle RPG promises hours of captivating gameplay, despite its simplistic g...

evolve Squad Busters characters

Squad Busters: how to evolve your characters?

To gain in power, it's vital to improve and evolve your Squad Busters characters quickly and effectively. We'll be revealing all the tricks you...

synergy in Squad Busters

Squad Busters: How to make the best synergy?

The very basis of Squad Busters is the composition of your team and how you make it evolve during the game. Read on to find out all the essential...

Enchantments Legend of Mushroom

Legend of Mushroom Enchantments Guide

The world of Legend of Mushroom is overflowing with little tricks for gaining power and becoming a valiant Combat Mushroom. Today, we're unveilin...

Tier List Squad Busters characters

Squad Busters Tier List: ranking of the best characters and squads in 2024

In Squad Busters, your characters are a clever mix of all the Supercell titles. You're in charge of a team of tough guys who need to earn more ge...

Legend of Mushroom Wedding Guide

Legend of Mushroom Wedding Guide

Break out the tails, white dresses and evening wear and come and celebrate the weddings of your favourite mushrooms! Weddings are now possible, a...

Legend of Mushroom Souls tier list

Legend of Mushroom Souls tier list | ranking of best souls in 2024

Martial souls are an ally not to be neglected if you want to gain in power. They need to be developed with discernment in order to extract their...

Legend of Mushroom reroll guide

Legend of Mushroom Reroll Guide: How to change class?

We're not immune to changing our minds. Now that you've read all our Legend of Mushroom tips and tricks, you realise that you're in the wrong cla...

Squad Busters beginner's guide

Squad Busters Beginner's Guide | Tips and Advice

Squad Busters adds to Supercell's well-stocked library with this action-combat RPG, bringing together the star characters from previous titles su...

List of free and valid Squad Busters codes

List of Squad Busters codes in 2024 | Free and valid

As with many Supercell games, you can't get instant rewards with Squad Busters codes. Instead, you enter the creator code system. This is a syste...

Legend of Mushroom souls

Legend of Mushroom soul guide: how to choose and use them?

Martial souls are an effective way of strengthening your power and skills. We'll guide you through the process of finding, choosing and developin...

Cover Top 15 Gacha games on Android and iOS

TOP 15: Best gacha games on Android and iOS in 2024

Starting a gacha game is not something you decide to do lightly, because there are so many titles available (and they're all free). You'll need t...

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