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Sea of Bygone Eras: Guide to the Genshin Impact Subregion

Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras

Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras is the new area added to Fontaine, alongside the Nostoi Region. Explore the once again another underwater region and discover the fabled Kingdom of Remuria in Genshin Impact, once ruled by the God King Remus. Now, if you want to delve deeper into its lore, and learn many other things such as how to unlock it, its key locations and quests, be sure to stick around as we have everything you need...

History of Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras

The sunken Kingdom of Remuria is said to exist in the Sea of Bygone Eras. According to Genshin Impact's storyline, Remuria was a civilization that existed in Fontaine long before the reign of the previous Hydro Archon, Egeria. This civilization was ruled by Remus, whom the citizens referred to as the God King Remus. He taught his people about their basic needs, as well as the arts and music. Remus believed that as long as the Harmonious Symphony of Prosperity continued to play, Remuria would thrive.

However, a prophecy circulated throughout the nation, predicting that the people would return to the Primordial Sea. In response, Remus took extreme measures to prevent this impending calamity, but his efforts ultimately led him into madness, which eventually caused Remuria's downfall....

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How to Unlock Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras 

Unlike the Nostoi Region, you can't see the Sea of Bygone Eras in Genshin Impact's Teyvat map. Instead, it's located outside the main map, and accessing it requires completing certain quests. To unlock the Sea of Bygone Eras, you must first complete the 'Song of Dragon and Harmony' Archon Quest, which grants you entry to the Nostoi Region. From there, you can begin the 'Canticles of Harmony' quest chain, eventually leading to the 'Underwater Nocturne' World Quest. Once you've completed this quest, a portal will appear, guiding you to the new region....

Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras

Take note that unlocking the entire Sea of Bygone Eras requires completing the Canticles of Harmony quest line

Map of Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras

Similar to Enkanomiya of Inazuma and The Chasm of LiyueSea of Bygone Eras is a part of  Fontaine. Although disconnected from the map, Sea of Bygone Eras remains as part of Teyvat. 

Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras Map

This underwater region is made up of many subareas. Navigating the region can be tricky due to the presence of multiple vertical layers, most of which are locked behind quests. Similar to the Narzissenkreuz Ordo, you'll encounter underwater ruins waiting to be explored.

Key Locations: 

  • Alta Semita
  • Caesareum Palace
  • Clivus Capitolinus
  • Colllegium Phonascorum
  • Domus Aurera
  • Hortus Euergetis
  • Initium Iani
  • Machimos

Hydroculus Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras locations

A new region means more Hydroculi to discover. In the Sea of Bygone Eras, there are a total of 46 Hydroculi to find. Collect each one and offer them to the Statues of The Seven by visiting these locations. For easier Hydroculus farming, you can use the Official Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

Hydroculus location Sea of Bygone Eras Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras Shrine of Depths 

In a subregion as expansive as the Sea of Bygone Eras, locating the new Shrines of Depths can be challenging. But don't worry—you can refer to the image below to find the exact locations of each shrine.

Shrine of Depths Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras

Trounce Domain in Genshin Sea of Bygone Eras

Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras is where you can find the new weekly boss, "The Knave." There are two ways to initiate the battle with Arlecchino. The first one is to finish her story quest, Ignis Purgatorius Chapter: Act 1, which requires first reaching Adventurer Rank 40, completing the Fontaine archon quest, and a Story Key. However, if you're dire need of the materials that you will acquire from this boss, you can simply rely on the quick challenge option. 

Defeating The Knave and spending your resin will reward you the following:

  • Fading Candle
  • Silken Feather
  • Denial and Judgment 
  • Agnidus Agate materials 
  • Artifacts
  • Dream Solvent
  • Billet

The Knave boss

Quests in Sea of Bygone Eras Genshin Impact

There are multiple quests to finish inside the Sea of Bygone Eras, and we've listed them all down for you. 

  • Canticles of Harmony
    • Third Movement: Pharsalia's Rhapsody
      • Gradus ad Capitolium
      • Golden Aqueduct Reconstruction: Part I
      • Golden Aqueduct Reconstruction: Part II
    • Finale: Requiem
      • Fortune Plango Vulnera

That's where our guide on the Genshin Impact Sea of Bygone Eras. Hopefully, this will be of help as you explore the Kingdom of Remuria, and allow you to indulge in generous rewards. For more guides like this, don't hesitate to visit our Genshin Impact tips and tricks guide!

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