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Chenyu Vale : Guide to the Genshin Impact subregion

Chenyu Vale Genshin Impact

After braving the tempests of Inazuma, traversing the lush rainforests and scorching deserts of Sumeru, and diving into the underwater expanse of Fontaine, players are now returning to Liyue with the exciting addition of Chenyu Vale in Genshin Impact. Chenyu Vale, a new subregion released in version 4.4, is nestled between Liyue and Fontaine regions. Whether you're an explorer at heart or a loremaster seeking new adventures, you're in for a treat as we will guide you through everything you need to know about Liyue's latest subregion, Chenyu Vale. From its history and key locations to new enemies, materials, quests, and more, we've got you covered.

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Region History and Guide

Thousands of years ago, during the Archon War, an unnamed god ruled over the land of Chenyu Vale. The Herblord and Fujin, an Adeptus whom you'll encounter in the Main Quest "Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade," faithfully served under this god. However, it was later revealed that the unnamed god was engaged in a bloody conflict against Morax. The war was so devastating that it turned the waters of the Bishui River a crimson red as a price of war.

In a desperate attempt to defeat Morax, the unnamed god devised a plan to flood the entire Bishui River, which would also inevitably lead to the downfall of Chenyu Vale. This led Herblord and Fujin to turn their back on the God they once worshipped, and chose the lives of people who lived there. Alongside the Suanni, Lingyuan, they evacuated the people to safety.

While Herblord confronted their former deity, Fujin hurled the Volatile Rainjade into the waters, preventing the flooding. Through their collective efforts, the Vale was spared from destruction. However, amidst the chaos, Herblord vanished, and Fujin sank into the sea.

How to Unlock Chenyu Vale in Genshin Impact

Chenyu Vale is located at the northwest of Liyue. In order to unlock it, you can use the teleport waypoint in Bishui Plain and head towards Chenyu Vale. Upon reaching the area, Paimon and Traveler will be sucked into an adeptal realm where they will meet Fujin. After speaking with the adeptus, players will have to get out of the realm through the Golden Carp's Leap.

how to unlock chenyu vale in genshin impact

The Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Map

Chenyu Vale is a sub-region that fills the large gap between Liyue and Fontaine. Much like the rest of Liyue, mist-shrouded mountains and terrains sit snugly over the region accompanied by flowing waterfalls and rivers. You can either walk and climb or turn into a golden carp, a mechanism that has the ability to take you to multiple locations.

genshin impact chenyu vale map

Throughout the map, you can anticipate encountering new puzzles and mechanisms that might boggle your mind, such as the Cauldrons, Scenes of Flowing Lotuses, and Ancient Ruins.

There are three major areas in Chenyu Vale- Mt. Laixin, Upper Vale and the Southern Mountain. Some areas around the subregion are locked, and may require you to finish some quests before gaining access.

Rainjade Oblation in Chenyu Vale

A new offering system like Dragonspine's Frostbearing Tree's Gratitude, and Fontaine's Fountain of Lucine's Accolades emerges with the arrival of Chenyu Vale. Explore the map and collect Spirit Carps that you can offer to the Rainjade Oblation to receive bountiful rewards such as Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Acquaint Fates, Intertwined Fates, Talent materials and more.

Chenyu vale rainjade oblation

Rainjade Oblation is located at Carp's Rest within the Mt. Laixin area. To access this area, one must complete Chenyu's Blessing of Sunken Jade quests.

New Boss in Genshin Impact 4.4 - Solitary Suanni

A graceful mystical beast shrouded in adeptal energy has been introduced alongside the new subregion. Solitary Suanni is a new normal boss whose attacks deal AoE Hydro and Anemo attacks. With that said, you can expect that the Suanni has higher resistance to both elements.

Genshin Impact chenyu vale solitary suanni

Defeating the Solitary Suanni allows you to claim several resources including the Cloudseam Scale, one of Xianyun's ascension materials.

All Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Quests

Delve right into Liyue's newest subregion and begin each quest to learn more about Chenyu Vale and its lore, and be rewarded with Primogems, and other materials.

All Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Achievements

Unlocking areas, defeating enemies, solving puzzles, and finishing quests allows you to unlock achievements. Make sure to take note of these achievements to receive small amounts of primogems and a name card.

  • A Mere Rock

  • Ancient Shaman-Song

  • A Pulse of Ice and Wind

  • A Ruined Tale

  • As If Seen From Afar

  • At the Construction of the Endless Wall

  • Breaking Iron and Stone

  • Break the Benighting

  • Chenyu Vale Sights

  • Cloud-Parting Carpfall

  • Five Blades Return to Wangshan

  • Good as New

  • Hanging Gardens of Plucked Jade

  • Jade, O Jade, Grant Me My Wish…

  • Long Days in the Realm Within

  • Non-Hidden Backup Energy Source

  • Rulers of the Chizhang Mountains

  • Secret Miracle

  • Spirits Adrift, Alas, in Water

  • Swift Acceptance

  • Tea I Am, Tea in a Cauldron

  • The Carp Leaps, Heaven's Gates Open

  • The Conformist

  • The Mural Veil

  • The Secluded Path

  • The Supreme Secret

  • To Touch the Face of Heaven

  • True Mastery of Spear and Sword

  • Up the Bishui

  • Wanna Learn? I'll Teach You!

  • What About Sliced Meat Now?

  • When Comes Spring or Autumn?

  • Who Tells You the Truth?

  • Xiangjun's Dreams

That's all you need to know about Chenyu Vale in Genshin Impact. If you're seeking out new content, exploration and lore, or simply looking for a new source of primogems, exploring the new subregion is certainly worth the time and effort. If you find this guide helpful, you can rely on our Genshin Impact tips, offering you solid insights be it for exploration, character and team building, and more.

Heizo A writer with a love-hate relationship with role-playing games, gacha, MOBA, and first-person shooters. In her free time, you'll usually find her either whiffing her shots or recovering from a massive tilt.
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