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Nikke Red Hood Guide: best teams and equipment

nikke red hood in goddess of victory nikke

Nikke Red Hood is a unit that’s truly built differently. When it comes to most Nikkes, each one has its specialty. When it comes to Red Hood, her uniqueness stands out because it has an interwoven flexibility not seen in any other character thus far. An iron-type battler with a passion as fiery as the color of her hair, this unit is a must-have for all players. 

Is Nikke Red Hood good in Goddess of Victory Nikke?

While undoubtedly a very strong damage dealer, Red Hood’s true power that puts her a cut above the rest is her special interchangeability mechanic. Instead of having a burst I, II, or III, Nikke Red Hood is an All burst, meaning that you can activate it at any time in a battle.

Normally, you bring a unit from each number category because bursts are set off by numerical order - for example, if you made a team of four burst III units and one burst II, you would be stuck because there’s no burst I to start the chain. Now let’s say your burst I or II dies in battle, leaving a gap in your chain - basically, she can fill in any of those roles, so if you’re stuck, there’s no one better than Nikke Red Hood.

nikke red hood battling in goddess of victory nikke

The only true downside of Red Hood is that she is difficult to get because of the low summoning rate of Pilgrim characters. You can either try your luck with the Pilgrim gems or wait for Red Hood to get another banner in the future - Modernia had one, so it’s very possible for her to get one too. 

How to play Nikke Red Hood in Goddess of Victory Nikke?

How Red Hood will benefit you depends on what number stage you activate her burst in the chain, as her skills vary with each one chosen. If activated at burst I, she holds a supportive role and if done at burst II, Nikke Red Hood becomes a taunt unit. Clicking at burst III will trigger her main damage move.

While her supportive skills are good, she shines best when used as a damage dealer because she does a lot of roughing up the more her attack goes up and even more with a full charge. Her burst III also has pierce and a charge speed boost, the benefits just do not compare with the ones from burst I and II activations. Also, keep in mind that those can’t be stacked. 

All The Skills of Red Hood Goddess of Victory

Despite specializing in damage, this Nikke is a true jack-of-all-trades unit, as Nikke Red Hood has a wide variety of skills. No matter which burst you activate, her normal attack and first skill are always the same, it's her second skill and burst move that change.

  • The first skill of Red Hood, called Glaring Eyes, raises her charge speed up.
  • Once she goes into full burst, the boost from Red Hood’s second skill Wild Tooth will activate. If you click her at burst I, she’ll boost pierce for all the allies , so if you’re going that route, pick units with pierce, such as Alice. If burst II is chosen, this skill of Nikke Red Hood will instead boost the defense for Red Hood . For burst III, it will boost her attack .
  • Red Hood’s burst move Red Wolf raises attack if you activated her at burst I , which ties in with the supportive benefits of Wild Tooth’s burst I boosts. Even though you can only use this and the burst II benefits once for every fight round, you can use it and then activate her damage burst in the next chain. Burst II benefits allow the enemy focus to be on Red Hood so that allies don’t get hit. At the same time, Nikke Red Hood will be protected by her HP boost. Burst III activation will perform a move that slams a wave of heavy damage into the enemy. 

Check out our Nikke tips and tricks section to learn more about the game.

Nikke Red Hood best team

Red Hood is one of the most flexible units in the game thanks to her special build. Many of the units that pair well with her are even her fellow Goddess squad teammates.

Nikke Their Burst Benefit to Red Hood

Liter from Goddess of Victory Nikke


Burst I Supporter Can boost Red Hood’s attack and reduce her cooldown between bursts

Rupee from Goddess of Victory Nikke


Burst II Defender Boosts the critical rate of Iron type allies and is great for destroying enemies damage circles

Scarlet from Nikke


Burst III Attacker Strong attacker that pairs well with Red Hood’s core damage mechanic

Alice from Goddess of Victory Nikke


Burst III Attacker Red Hood can boost Alice’s pierce damage and Alice is a good damage dealer

Nikke Red Hood

Red Hood

Any Burst Can be used for support, damage, and emergencies

Team Alternatives For Red Hood Goddess of Victory Nikke

Burst I Substitutions Burst II Substitutions Burst III Substitutions

Dorothy in Goddes of Victory Nikke

Dorothy stacks core damage with Red Hood and shaves off cooldown for other members

Noah from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Noah lowers damage taken, provides a taunt if Red Hood is being used

Innocent Days Snow White from Nikke

Snow White: Innocent Days is a great damage dealer and works for long battles

Rapunzel from Goddess of Victory Nikke]

Rapunzel can help Red Hood recover damage when she’s used as a taunt unit

Admi from Nikke

Admi can raise Red Hoods charge damage and provide protection

Maxwell from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Maxwell can raise Red Hoods charge speed if her attack has been buffed

Tia from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Tia Lowers cooldown time and raises damage

Poli from Goddess of Victory Nikke

Poli will raise attack for Red Hood

Modernia from Nikke

Modernia is a crucial AOE unit and can increase burst time

Nikke Red Hood build: best equipment

The best harmony cubes that will make Red Hood perform at her peak are going to boost her attack. She will also benefit from a buff to her charge speed and damage, because the faster she can fire up her Nikke Red Hood weapon, the quicker she can do more bursts.

  Harmony Cubes  

Bastion Cube

a bastion cube from goddess of victory nikke

Resilience Cube

a resilience cube from goddess of victory nikke

Onslaught Cube

an onslaught cube from goddess of victory nikke

This can boost Red Hood’s hit rate Strong units like Red Hood always need help with their weapon reloading With this, Red Hood will get a charge damage boost.

Best Overload Stats For Red Hood Goddess of Victory

Truth be told, Red Hood is a very good unit without overload gear, but for the late-game players desiring full optimization, these are the stats to aim to get for her. 

  • Boosted Defense
  • Increased Hit Rate
  • Boosted Attack
  • Increased Critical Damage
  • Higher Max Ammunition Capacity

As one of the first Nikkes in existence, Red Hood stands among the strongest of her kind, so her power and flexibility are no surprise. Whether you want to use her for support or damage or to fill when one of your units dies, Nikke Red Hood can be pretty much anything you need her to. Once you get her, you probably won’t need many other SSRs. 

Looking for other good damage dealers? This Nikke tier list will tell you everything you need to know.

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