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Reverse: 1999 Elements Guide

elements guide Reverse 1999

If you're new to Bluepoch's latest gacha, this guide to the elements in Reverse: 1999 should help. The element mechanic (or Afflatus) is one of the cornerstones of the game's combat system. By using a suitable Affltaus against your enemies, you can more easily tip the battle in your favour.

What are the different elements in Reverse: 1999?

There are 6 elements in Reverse: 1999: Beast, Plant, Star, Mineral, Spirit and Intelligence. Each character must have one of these 6 types (also called Afflatus). Characters draw their power from their Afflatus, so it's important to be familiar with this mechanic in order to make the most of it in battle. With this list, you can also check which characters you're missing if you want to have a varied and adaptable roster.

Element symbol

Element (Afflatus)


symbole de l'élément beast reverse: 1999


Medicine Pocket, Centurion, Melania, Dikke, Leilani, Pavia, Sweetheart, Tennant, Darley Clatter, Nick Bottom, Bunny Bunny

symbole de l'élément plant reverse: 1999


Jessica, An-an Lee, Bkornblume, Sotheby, Druvis III, Eagle, Rabies, Satsuki, La Source, Зима

symbole de l'élément star reverse: 1999


Lilya, Regulus, Voyager, Tooth Fairy, Charlie, Blonney, Baby Blue, Matilda, Erick, APPLe, Oliver Fog, The Fool, aliEn T, Sputnik, TTT

symbole de l'élément mineral reverse: 1999


Eternity, Pickles, Sonetto, Balloon Party, Horropedia, Necrologist, Ms. NewBabel, Bette, Cristallo, Mondlicht, Ms. Moissan, ONiON

symbole de l'élément spirit reverse: 1999


A Knight, Twin Sleep, Click, Poltergeist, Ms. Radio

symbole de l'élément intelligence reverse: 1999


X, Door, Mesmer Jr, John Titor

What are the relationships between Afflatus and how can they be used?

It's important to remember that the Afflatus interact with each other in an extended 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' system. This means that each element is particularly effective against one Afflatus, but weak against another. Only the Spirit and Intelligence types break out of this loop, interacting only with each other. Explanation:

Relationships between elements in Reverse: 1999

For example, the Plant type will be powerful against the Star type, but weak against the Afflatus Beast.
As for the Spirit and Intelligence elements, they inflict 30% extra damage on each other, but have no particular relationship with the other Afflatus.

Don't overlook this extra 30% damage; it can make all the difference in a fight. When preparing your team, remember to check the Afflatus of each enemy to select the most suitable characters.

Going further...

Of course, it's not just the Afflatus mechanics that you need to master to put together a good team. Selecting the best Reverse: 1999 characters and understanding the different types of damage (Mental, Reality and Genesis) is just as important for getting through the more complex levels.

Enjoyed this guide to Reverse: 1999 elements? Would you like to know more Reverse: 1999 tips? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, be sure to check out the list of Reverse: 1999 codes for a ton of free rewards!

FAQ - The elements in Reverse: 1999

What is the most powerful element in Reverse: 1999?

Insofar as each element is strong against another and weak against another, you can't say that one element is more powerful than the others. It all depends on the enemies you face and the context.

What is the Afflatus system in Reverse: 1999?

The Afflatus system represents the fact that each element is powerful against a certain element, but weak against another. For example, the Beast type is effective against the Plant element, but will struggle to beat a Mineral type.

What is the rarest element in Reverse: 1999?

The Afflatus with the fewest characters to date is Intelligence. The characters in this Afflatus are few and far between, and only X has any real potential. If you can get your hands on this character, don't hesitate!

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