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Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide | Tips and Advice

Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide

Legend Of Mushroom is a multiplayer idle RPG published by Joy Nice Games that really transports you into its world from the very first seconds. The battle auto run, which is active as soon as you launch the game, lets you explore your screen and the many icons on it while earning gems, Magic Lamps and experience. It can be hard to find your way around at first, but don't panic, we've got you covered in this Legend of Mushroom Beginner's Guide. Come on, follow us, we'll explain it all to you.

Legend of Mushroom beginner's guide : Tips for using Magic Lamps correctly

Magic Lamps are the cornerstone of your game. Without them, nothing is possible. They allow you to earn gold coins, win equipment items, sell them when they're no good and, above all, gain experience to increase the level of your mushroom. The gold coins you have will help you raise the level of your lamp, so the gacha draw will be more favourable to higher-powered equipment.

Legend of Mushroom guide lamp

Save your lamps!

You need them to improve your equipment and raise the level of your mushroom. You'll need to find your happy medium if you want to progress smoothly. At the start of the game, it's tempting to spend all your lamps to gain as many items and experience as possible. Particularly as you gain so much. The trick is to know how to use them in the right proportions. Use them when you see that your warrior is having trouble beating the monsters. Do a short session of use and then stop. The auto open function comes in very handy here! The aim is to have Magic Lamps in stock when the battles are longer and the draw is of a higher level. This is one of the most important tips in this Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide.

Upgrade your lamp

It's very important to upgrade your lamp to get better equipment and increase the percentage chance of getting a valid item. When you start the game, it's pretty straightforward: changing levels doesn't cost too much in gold coins and doesn't take long to upgrade. But the more levels you play, the more time and coins you'll need to upgrade . So save your acceleration coupons and use them in these situations.

Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide : magic lamp

Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide: How do you get these precious lamps?

We'll tell you all the secrets in this Legend of Mushroom beginner's guide! Here are the 5 easiest ways to get your sesames:

  • Dungeons: indicated by crossed swords at the bottom of your screen, go there regularly and you'll be able to access battles against bosses or other non-player characters.

  • Main battles: when you defeat a monster, you win a few lamps, which add up to lots of cool equipment opportunities.

  • Arenas: challenge other players to a PVP tournament and earn a few lamps when you win.

  • Events: there are plenty of events where you can win gems, coins, coupons and lamps.

  • Inactive mode: yes, you can collect lamps even away from your screen. The inactive game system means you won't miss out on any rewards, and all you have to do is collect them the next time you log in!

Legend of Muhsroom beginner's guide : Tips for gaining power

A short chapter on power, which is very important for the most competitive among you. With our Legend of Mushroom beginner's guide, you'll emerge victorious from all your confrontations, whether fighting monsters or challenging other players. In addition to your ever-higher-ranked equipment, there are other ways of gaining power, and we're revealing them to you right here!

The mount

On Day 4 of your game, you'll automatically unlock a mount. You start with... a water lily! Even if it looks funny, you'll see that the more you improve it, the more your power will explode. Thanks to this Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide, you'll discover that it's a vital element, second only to lamps.

Evolution of the Legend of Mushroom mount

To level up your mount, you need springs. You'll find them

  • In the events: simply complete the event missions to obtain springs as rewards among other gains.

  • In the shop: you can buy springs in exchange for gems. You can also save gems on a daily basis and exchange them at events to get ranked and win rank rewards.

  • In the clan: by completing missions or clan events.


As you complete missions and take part in events, you can earn skill coupons, which you can trade in the Shop at the bottom right of your screen. You can exchange your coupons for skills that can be added to the ones you already have, or you can unlock new ones. You can do the same with the Pal by choosing the right-hand icon at the top of the machine.

Shop Skills Legend of Mushroom

By clicking on the mushroom icon, you'll find a list of all the skills, unlocked or not, and you can equip them to your character.

And to take advantage of even more coupons, have you bookmarked our article on Legend of Mushroom codes?

The Pal

The Pal deserve a mention in this Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide, because they play a very important role in your progress. They will assist you in your battles, bringing you their own skills and reinforcing or complementing your own. That's why it's so important to develop and choose them carefully.

Pal in Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide

Once you've clicked on the little paw, the second icon at the bottom of your screen, you'll see a list of your Pal and their levels. If you can click on 'Upgrade All' and then on 'Equip All', you're sure to build the best army. This tip also applies to skills.

Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide: Choose your class wisely

Very early on in the game, you'll have to choose your class for your future development. From level 15, you'll experience your first transformation from Solitiar Warrior to Adventurer. At level 30, you choose your class from 3 options:




Adventurer for the Legend of Mushroom beginner's guide

Archer Class Legend of Mushroom

Mage for Beginner's Guide Legend of Mushroom

You'll develop skills that focus more on attack or counter damage. You can choose to be a tank or a DPS.

With ranged attacks, you'll opt to either counter-attack or avoid your opponent's escape.

The choice you'll have to make is between healer and summoner for ranged damage.

If you're not quite sure of your preference, let the Legend of Mushroom mushroom tier list be your guide.

Now that we've reached the end of this guide, you'll have everything you need to get the game off to a flying start. Just remember that patience is your greatest ally, with this Legend of Mushroom beginner's guide of course! Keep an eye out for new Legend of Mushroom tips by bookmarking our pages, or leave us a comment to tell us what you think of the game.

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