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Warzone Mobile Characters | All info

Warzone Mobile characters

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Warzone Mobile by discovering the many characters available. You're sure to find something to suit your taste, because there are so many to choose from! From the basic soldier to the most famous veteran, not forgetting the pay operators, this article reveals all the essential information about your (future) favourite heroes. Get ready to dive right into the action with Warzone Mobile characters!

How to get and change characters in Warzone Mobile?

Choosing or changing your operator in Warzone Mobile couldn't be easier: once you've launched the game, you'll find a button on your home screen at the bottom left that lets you equip yourself for battle. By clicking on it, you'll see the'Operator' button, which lets you select the character you want. And that's it! Now you know how to choose your character. Now let's see how to get Warzone Mobile characters.

Warzone Mobile Characters

Unlock a free operator

Let's start with some good news: most of the Warzone Mobile characters available are free. Here are the 3 ways to unlock operators without spending a penny:

  • Simply by launching the game for the first time! As soon as you log on to the game for the first time, you'll have a choice of basic soldiers already available.

  • By completing challenges. Generally speaking, these involve completing a certain number of eliminations in a certain way (we'll explain everything in the table below). While some challenges can be completed in Battle Royale (BR), most will have to be done in Multiplayer (MJ) mode.

  • Thanks to cross-platform play, by completing missions on other Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and III games.

Warzone Mobile Characters: Operators

Buy a pay operator

If you prefer to impose your style with less common and more colourful operators, you can always decide to buy Warzone Mobile characters. Here, there are two ways to get paid operators:

  • By buying the battle pass, which allows you to earn exclusive soldiers and skins as you level up.

  • Through the store. On the 'Operators' tab, you can choose from a number of bundles offering exclusive operators.

Warzone Mobile Characters: Store

Who are the Warzone Mobile characters and how to get them?

Here, we'll take you through all the Warzone Mobile characters one by one, from the operators that are initially available on your Warzone Mobile app, to the temporary soldiers that are all the rage. And to help you catch them all, we're also giving you the different ways to get them!

Basic Warzone Mobile characters


How to unlock


Initial character, available immediately


Initial character, available immediately


Initial character, available immediately


Initial character, available immediately


(Cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 3rd mission in Campaign mode


Complete 1 MJ execution


Complete 10 SMGs in GM mode


Achieve 1 elimination with a cruise missile in MJ


(To be completed cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 10th mission in Campaign mode


Achieve 3 eliminations by looking through the viewfinder during an MJ game


Make 5 eliminations with a fragmentation grenade in a GM game


(To be done cross-platform via MW3) Achieve 100 kills in a game of Zombies


Achieve 3 kills with a SMGs in a MJ game using spot fire


(To be completed cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 13th mission in Campaign mode


(Cross-platform via MW3) Complete 3 contracts in a Zombies game


Complete 3 eliminations while crouching in a GM game


(To be completed cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 7th mission in Campaign mode


Complete 3 eliminations using tactical equipment in a MJ game


Complete 5 eliminations with a sniper rifles in a MJ game


Buy the battle pass


Buy and complete the battle pass


Buy the battle pass, unlocked at level 65


Buy the battle pass season 3 "Blackcell", unlocked at level 1


Initial character, available immediately

Kortac Group

Initial character, available immediately


Make 2 eliminations with a launchers during a GM game


Achieve 5 "Regicide" eliminations in one GM game


Complete one execution


Achieve 5 headshot kills in a MJ game


(To be completed cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 6th mission in Campaign mode


(Cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 16th mission in Campaign mode


Complete 5 assists in a GM game


Complete 1 elimination with a secondary weapon


1 elimination with lethal equipment


(Cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 10th mission in Campaign mode


(Cross-platform via MW2) Complete the "Low Profile" mission


(Cross-platform via MW3) Complete the 14th mission in Campaign mode


(Cross-platform via MW2) Complete the "Defender: Mount Zaya" mission


Complete 1 close-range elimination


(Cross-platform via MW2) Complete the "Defended Zone" mission


Achieve 5 eliminations with a judgment shot during an MJ game


Achieve 20 eliminations in one GM game


Achieve 2 'Vengeance' eliminations


Buy the "Blackcell" season 3 battle pass

Snoop Dogg

Buy the battle pass

Note that some of these operators' skins can be unlocked by buying the battle pass, by levelling up after buying it, or even by completing the pass.

Warzone Mobile Characters: Battle Pass

Other Warzone Mobile characters

If you're wondering why you've already come across soldiers on the battlefield who aren't on the roster, such as Lionel Messi or the cast of The Boys, you should know that there are a host of Warzone Mobile characters bearing the likenesses of different personalities. They're usually the result of partnerships between a series, franchise or company and Activision. That's why you can currently find, for example, the cast of The Walking Dead with operators Rick or Michonne, or soldiers in the colours of the Dune saga. However, these Warzone Mobile characters are only available for purchase in the store.

Warzone Mobile Characters: Paul Atreides

Now you know everything about Warzone Mobile characters and how to get them. Don't hesitate to impose your style on the field with your favourite operator, an original skin, or a well-known personality. And if you want to learn even more about the world of the game, check out our Warzone Mobile tips and tricks!

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