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All active World of Warships Legends gift codes

You've been waiting for them from your guard post: here's the list of free World of Warships: Legends codes for 2023. These codes allow you to get free ships like the US Premium Charleston Cruiser, flags to customize your ship or containers of varying rarity, among others. rewards promo codes help you buy new ships and progress in your adventure. This list of WoWL coupons evolves over time.

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All World of Warships: Legends codes valid in 2023

We are actively following all official sources that might release new World of Warships: Legends codes. Codes are frequently published on social networks, so bookmark this article and check back often to make sure you don't miss out on any free gifts! WoW: Legends is an online war game from, so every reward helps you get stronger in this realistic war simulation.

Combat codes interface World of Warships Legends
The World of Warships: Legends code list allows you to acquire new ships and customize them.

We also follow a regularly updated document on Discord that summarizes the list of active WoW: Legends codes. As this is a cross-platform game, you can play it from your PC, your mobile (Android / iOS) or your home console (Xbox / PlayStation).

Feel free to copy and paste the World of Warships: Legends codes below by following the reward link. And if you've got some great prizes up your sleeve, we'd love to hear from you!

Valid World of Warships: Legends codes:

  • 8JCX5I03YN
  • 3QFOEN5S53
  • 1SW7M1AVB
  • 3S0EI91K8A
  • CB6X57T6TC
  • 6NVG6NQWI6
  • 76E59RHHWO
  • Q754T52CS1 (for new players)
  • Y7CQ8PJHT4
  • 0DVE1FM2E3
  • 9RCO59DGRP
  • E1JP881KTC
  • GE8FC03GGB
  • 86X33H6XGL
  • GJEN58G8Q7
  • OA6E5J8YP6
  • E876LGDXY3
  • QXI53N0U55
  • FF8PQ9KM16
  • L334XDIHCM
  • F0YS9HBZ97
  • B8P947NL2X

Expired WoWL codes :

No World of Warships: Legends codes have expired yet.

If you see that one of the codes we display is no longer valid and we haven't removed it yet, please let us know in the comments.

How to add World of Warships: Legends codes

To add new World of Warships: Legends codes and retrieve rewards, you'll need to follow a few simple steps. We'll explain step-by-step how to retrieve and enter in-game codes. It's very easy, you'll see!

Via the official website: add a coupon from the WoW: Legends list

  • Visit the official website in the section dedicated to entering game codes.
  • Select your authentication mode.
  • Enter your World of Warships: Legends coupon.
  • If the latter is active, you'll receive the associated reward directly in your in-game mailbox.
World of Warships Legends code list login
Add World of Warships Legends code list

This list of World of Warships: Legends codes was updated on 03/08/2023.

Don't hesitate to read all our articles about the game. In particular, discover some of the new features that will soon be available on mobile, a tier list World of Warships: Legends list of available ships with their strategic advantages in battle, and some tips on how to track players and their progress using World of Warships: Legends statistics. So you'll have all the keys you need to start playing optimally with our advice. You'll then be able to form your own opinion of WoW: Legends!

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