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All PUBG Mobile 2022 Codes - Redeem UC code and skins free

Redeem valid PUBG Mobile codes

Are you looking everywhere for valid PUBG Mobile codes in 2022 to get free CPUs and other rewards ? You've come to the right place. For the newbies, we explain how to redeem PUBG codes from your smartphone to get the rewards instantly. No need to search for loot everywhere, even if CPUs are not common. Next, you'll find a list of currently active and valid codes, so you won't have to pull your hair out looking for CPUs to get easily.

Where can I find the PUBG Mobile redeem codes?

As with many mobile games, PUBG Mobile codes can be found in various places. For your convenience, I've listed the codes at the bottom of the article. Head to the end of the page if you already know where to find the redeem codes and how to activate them on PUBG.

PUBG mobile Reddit

First of all, the first phase to find codes is done on the official social networks of the game. The most loyal and active PUBG players are the ones the publisher wants to reward, making sure they follow the game's news daily so they don't miss out on any code redeems. Pretty smart. So you can find them on Reddit, Discord or Twitter, or even via the official stream channels. However, they are becoming rare.

Otherwise, specific loot can be offered to the community during events, but you have to be there at the right time! Halloween or the game's anniversary come to mind. Some influencers also have unique PUBG coupon codes, and these can be hard to find if you don't know the creator in question.

How do I activate PUBG Mobile codes?

Where some games make it easy for you, PUBG doesn't make it easy. To activate a PUBG Mobile code, having downloaded the game won't be enough. Instead, you'll need to open a web browser tab on your smartphone or tablet. Then, you'll need to go to this page on the official website to redeem. You will then need to enter your character ID, the code and the verification code as in the screenshot below. Please note that this is the only page to activate the official PUBG codes set up by the game. Do not use any other page.

page to activate PUBG Mobile codes

As a reminder, the codes are single-use. No need to copy and paste the same code 10 times. In addition, the publisher tends to give its Battle Royale players codes with temporaryrewards . So you can get free skinsPUBG for a period of 7 days, which you won't own after that. Finally, some of the PUBG mobile 2022 codes are limited use. For example, if they exceed 10,000 players having used it, the redeem code will no longer be valid. So hurry up and find a new valid code!

Also, if you're looking for how to get free UCs after you've already activated all the codes, check out our dedicated article. We explain how tournaments, events and UC conversions work so you'll never run out of Unknown Cash!

List of valid PUBG Mobile 2022 codes

To make your life easier, I've collected the various PUBG mobile 2022 codes still active and available on the internet. Rather than having to cross-reference sources or check pages that are out of date, subscribe to Jeumobi notifications from this page. This way, as soon as a new code is added, you'll receive a notification and simply copy and paste it, as in the code activation method above.

Valid and active PUBG Mobile codes :

  • Aucun code n’est actif actuellement.

And here's the list of expired codes that won't give you anything in-game anymore, unfortunately. You have to be there at the right time to take advantage of valid PUBG mobile codes to redeem temporarily!

Expired codes :

  • UCBYSD800
  • E4ERQA3QF6

Please feel free to comment on any expired or new codes you have found. This will continue to help players looking for them by keeping the list up to date.

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