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How to get free CPUs on PUBG Mobile | Our Tips

UC PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile CPUs are the virtual currency of this phone-based Battle Royale game. In other words, CPUs are very useful for in-game purchases. In particular, to obtain weapons or skins, vehicles and other cool items. So let's see how to get free CPUs in PUBG Mobile, without having to go through a lot of trouble! Let's go! 😊

What are CPUs in PUBG Mobile?

In concrete terms, CPUs are virtual coins that can be used to pay for many things in the game PUBG Mobile. With CPUs you can pay for vehicles, weapons, skins, items for your character. In short, you become stylish and stronger, as you can get better abilities and weapons.

UC literally stands for Unknown Cash. Tencent Games had planned to integrate a currency in the image of games such as Call of Duty Mobile with CP, or like Fortnite with its VBucks. This makes it possible to monetise the items in the shop in a different way. But also, it allows us to secure our bank accounts! Of course, CPUs are also a good opportunity for publishers to make money with a free game like PUBG.

CPU in PUBG Mobile

How to earn CUs or convert BPs into CUs?

There are several ways to get CUs for free. Firstly, you can start by converting your BPs into CUs.

Convert Battle Points to Unknown Cash

BPs, or battle points, are earned through play. As soon as you inflict damage or kill an opponent, you get battle points (BP). BPs can be converted into PUBG Mobile virtual currency, or CPUs! To convert your BPs into CPUs on PUBG, you can wait for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge. This special event features a set of PUBG tournaments. You have to register for this Bonus Challenge solo. Each player gives war points to players, which can be used to buy CPU packs or rare items.

To participate in the Bonus Challenge and convert your BP into CUs, please note that only players of level 20 and above are eligible. The event can be found on the trophy tab at lobby when it becomes available. To enter, you will need Bonus Challenge vouchers. It is quite simple to collect them. All you have to do is access your weekly report and scroll down. You will have the opportunity to collect your vouchers with BP each week. Vouchers cost 10 CUs, if you already have some CUs. It's an investment to earn even more!

Solutions to earn your own PUBG Mobile CPUs directly

  • Participate in PUBG Mobile tournaments. Here you can win free CPU packs. There are various platforms available for this, including Gamebattles, Tournament and GamerzArena.
  • Earn CPUs by streaming your games on PUBG Mobile.
  • Participate in private matches with YouTubers. Many gaming videographers offer their subscribers matches in private rooms. Often, winning players are rewarded with free CPUs sent directly to their account. Type "PUBG Mobile Custom Rooms" into YouTube and click on the live videos to participate!
  • Participate in PUBG Mobile events. This technique is for the lucky ones as you won't be able to win CPUs every time.

How do I send PUBG Mobile CPUs to a player?

Now that you know how to get plenty of PUBG Mobile CPUs, send some to your buddies! To send free CPUs to another player, go to the official PUBG Mobile website. Then go to the shopping cart icon in the top right corner. Click and access the PUBG Mobile payment site via Midasbuy.

At this point, you simplyenter the ID of the player you wish to credit and use your own payment method to make an instant gift to your friend. The player will receive their CUs directly into their account after entering a security code which they will receive by email.

You can also use the Dundle website to buy your CPUs and send them to another player. It's easy and instantaneous (yes, we like it fast in a Battle Royale)!

Another way is to send CPUs that you have already purchased. Just select the friend you want to send the coins to and press "Send a gift". Then select the type of currency and the amount!

CPU prices in PUBG Mobile
CPU prices in PUBG Mobile

Now you know how to get free CPUs on PUBG Mobile! Let us know in the comments if our tips are helpful to you. If you see any other tips on how to get PUBG Mobile CPUs, leave us your little tips to share with all players! And if you like PUBG, we'll also teach you how to play the controller 😉

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