World of Warships Stats, evaluate your allies and opponents

world of warships stats

World of Warships Stats are essential to ensure victory in battle. This online naval action game pits two teams of 9 players against each other in command of famous ships. Play as the commander of destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. World of Warships statistics play a vital role in matchmaking.

Gain the upper hand with World of Warships stats

Victory is all about strategy. Finding the most powerful ship on World of Warships by having a good command of it is a considerable advantage during matchmaking. You can join a fleet during your battles to fight with players of a similar level.

Stats World of Warships: Legends

World of Warships gives you access to information about other players. In particular, you can see the number of games played, the win rate and the ships most often used. This way you can find out which profiles are best suited to your gameplay and create teams of a similar level.

World of Warships stats also allow you to see the level of your opponents. You can easily find out their weaknesses, and potentially find new allies. It also lets you track your own progress, so you can improve your style of play, as well as finding out your preferences in terms of ships. Each nation allows you to unlock legendary ships with their own strengths and weaknesses. The Yamato (Japan), the Königsberg (Germany) and the Normandie (France) are just some of these iconic ships.

Where to find World of Warships stats

If you'd like to search for the results of one of the players in World of Warships, you can carry out a search on the game's official platform. This is very useful when you start a game and want to know the level of your opponents.

Enter the player's name and you'll see all their World of Warships stats. In just a few seconds, you'll have a complete overview of their track record. This is also the data that clan leaders need to find the right allies. In online video games, particularly mobile games, the level of players is essential for creating powerful, homogenous teams.

Ships stats world of warships legends

World of Warships stats

To increase your World of Warships stats, we recommend that you play several games. This will help you test several ships to find out which position is your favourite. What's more, you'll be able to unlock more powerful ships as you win more games. Take a look at our WoWs farm guide to increase your resources quickly. This will allow you to acquire all the elements you need to improve your favourite ship, in particular: the frequency of fire, the range or even the speed of the ship or the reduction in the detection index of your ship by your enemies.

In short, check the World of Warships stats of your allies and enemies to take enemy bases and sink enemy ships!

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