Legend of Mushroom Builds

To make rapid progress in Legend of Mushroom, you'll need to create an effective build for your little mushroom. Skills, Pal's and relics are all essential if you want to progress and become the best in LoM. JeuMobi.com invites you to discover the best Legend of Mushroom build based on your class, whether you've chosen Crossbower, Berserker or Healer.

List of all Legend of Mushroom builds

Which skills should I choose for the Legend of Mushroom build?

The skills in Legend of Mushroom are an essential part of your build, as they are the special abilities that you will assign to your character. There are skills for every type of class, so it's important to choose the right ones for a coherent build. Our LoM build guides give you the most effective skills for each class.

Legend of Mushroom's Pal, essential for your build

Pal's in LoM aren't just cute little creatures that accompany you during your game. On the contrary, they're particularly useful companions, giving you extra powers that can work in synergy with your build.

In your build, you'll need to create a suitable team of LoM Pal companions. But with dozens of companions available, it's hard to choose the best ones for your mushroom. Once again, don't panic: our guides will tell you which Pal is best for your build!

Which relics should you equip for your LoM build?

Relics in Legend of Mushroom are items you pick up in the late game. As with skills and Pal's, relics are a vital part of any effective build. Don't neglect them, as they offer combat bonuses that can make all the difference, whether in PVE or PVP. In every JeuMobi.com character build, you'll find the set of relics that will make all the difference to your game!

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