Balatro mobile: poker addiction soon in everyone's hands!

Balatro mobile

The roguelike poker game that caused a sensation at the end of February 2024 will soon be appearing on Android and iOS. At least, that's what developer LocalThunk and publisher Playstack Games announced this week. So Balatro mobile is about to become a reality: you'll be able to indulge your addiction to this card game wherever you are. You'll soon be able to discover the secrets of jokers and poker hands!

Balatro mobile, a fascinating game where the jokers change the game

If you're expecting to play a classic poker game, Balatro is clearly going to surprise you. The way this card game works is extremely simple: you have to win a certain number of chips in a limited number of hands. If you don't like the cards in your hand, you can swap up to five at a time. But be careful, because you have a fixed number of exchanges per round. Each combination earns you more chips. And that's all you need to know about the game!

A classic hand in Balatro mobile

Except that if you play Balatro mobile as you would a normal poker game, you won't get very far. The amounts to be reached change exponentially from round to round, and if you don't have a joker in your sleeve, your game will end very quickly.

The key to success is to master the many jokers available in the game, whose effects are as varied as they are surprising. Increasing the value of certain cards, creating combinations in unconventional ways or even earning useful money to buy new trumps: jokers are an integral part of the game.

As a result, Balatro mobile offers you a host of possibilities. Playing a deck with more than 52 cards or, on the contrary, with just one suit, boosting all your cards, always making the same combinations - these are just some of the winning strategies.

Jokers quickly increase the value of hands in Balatro Mobile

You should also take advantage of tarot cards, which can change the cards in your deck, and planet cards, to increase the power of your combinations.

There's no end in sight to the Balatro craze

Balatro mobile is a game whose rules are extremely simple to understand, but which is infinitely complex when it comes to finding the strategy that will win you an infinite number of tokens. It's a game that's accessible to as many people as possible, but it's also a title that has an infinite lifespan for those who want to finish the game to the very end.

Above all, Balatro has sold a million copies in less than a month, even though it retails for €13.99 or €14.99 depending on the platform.

We don't know how much Balatro Mobile will cost on release. We can expect the game to be slightly cheaper on tablet and mobile, but we'll know more as soon as Android and iOS pre-registrations open. At, we've been hooked from day one, and we can't wait for the mobile port so we don't have to turn on our console or PC! Now it's your turn to discover all the secrets of jokers and make the best poker hands!

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