Card Crawl Adventure released on iOS and Android

Card Crawl Adventure released on iOS and Android

Between a card game and a roguelike, roam the taverns with the Card Crawl Adventure release on Android and iOS. We reveal our first impressions on this TCG single player game with original gameplay that takes place in the medieval fantasy world of Card Brawl, created by one man: Arnold Rauers.

Card Crawl Adventure release seven years after Card Crawl

Card Crawl Adventure release follows the success of Card Crawl, the card game released in 2015 on Android and iOS, but also on Steam in 2018. Roam through dungeons and battle enemies in this single-player adventure that blends roguelike RPG elements with a unique card battle system.

Available in free-to-play, the game integrates microtransactions, but nothing comparable to Heartstone for example. The most impatient players will still be able to spend money to unlock new cards or improve the ones they already own.

If Card Crawl Adventure takes the same design as its predecessor, we discover a completely different gameplay. We quickly summarize how a game works.

Gameplay that is both accessible and complex

Card Crawl Adventure release reveals a unique card game with unique rules, in which your deck and your opponent's deck are shuffled at the beginning of the game. Each turn, 9 cards are dealt on the board. It's up to you to create a path between them to defeat enemy units with your weapons or spells. However, be careful to manage your card use gauge as well as your life points.

Battles take place in two phases. The first one consists in eliminating a certain number of enemies. Once the first objective is reached, the second phase begins with the arrival of the boss. Your objective is to defeat him to get out of the tavern.

Card Crawl Adventure release: gameplay

If you are successful in a tavern, you can choose one of the three rewards . Side quests are available in each of the taverns and allow you to earn some gold coins, which you need to upgrade your cards or buy new ones in the store.

So much for our first impressions of the Card Crawl Adventure release on Android and iOS. To stay informed of all the releases, I redirect you to our new mobile games page.

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