Release of Romid on iOS and Android, a high-level word game

Romid, Order the words

Are you looking for a great word game? Then Romid is for you! This new puzzle game, developed by Rocorp, plays with words, challenging your logic and pugnacity to help you discover the secret word of the level. Did you love Wordle, Sutom or Wordly and are you looking for a similar minimalist title that will challenge your thinking? We'll tell you all about it, just follow us.

Romid, order the words to find the secret word

Romid is a cousin of Romot, and in the family we love word games. Especially as it's free and has very few ads, only one every five levels! The principle is very simple: all you have to do is find the word with the random number of letters in your level.

Example of words for Romid

You can try as many times as you like. The aim, of course, is to find the word with as few attempts as possible and to finish as many levels as possible, so that you can have your moment of glory with your name at the top of the global leaderboard. When you suggest a word, it will appear either above the empty boxes if it is before the word to be found in alphabetical order, or below it if it is after it in the dictionary.

By dint of your suggestions, you can narrow the gap between the top and bottom words to find the secret word. The letters below the word will darken as you go along, reducing the possibilities. But this only affects one letter at a time. For the second letter, the possibilities are displayed once the first letter has been typed, and so on.

Romid example

Romid, a high-wire act

The principle is there, and it's pretty straightforward. But we're not used to thinking in this way. So Romid offers some real intellectual gymnastics. And that's what makes the game so interesting. The words are part of the everyday vocabulary, but the whole thought process is unique to this game, and that's what really gives it its charm.

The sober visual environment allows you to put your mind to rest and the absence of advertising is a plus for intellectual serenity.

Romid on Android and iOs

You are not limited in your attempts and if you really get stuck, you can discover the next letter by watching a short video with the light bulb at the top right of your screen. The word can be conjugated or not, masculine or feminine, singular or plural. It just has to be a word that exists in the dictionary.

You may sometimes feel a little frustrated when you find the answer, because it seems obvious, but the pleasure of having succeeded immediately replaces it. You soon want to test your logic with another word!

So much for Romid, a great word game that requires a great deal of patience and knowledge of the French language. It's enough to keep even the most ardent word game fans busy for hours. Take up this personal challenge of French culture!

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