EA announces the release of Battlefield mobile for 2022!


Two new Battlefield games have been announced by Electronic Arts! The good news is that one of the new releases in the franchise is a mobile version on iOS and Android. Yes, yes, we know, you're all excited! Here we go, we tell you all about the upcoming mobile Battlefield. 🤩

Battlefield mobile
Battlefield mobile

Battlefield on mobile : Official release in 2022 !

The mobile version of the game Battlefield is planned for 2022. The publisher EA announced the news a short time ago. Very quickly, the official Battlefield Twitter account reposted the information. This announcement did not hit home after the release of Battlefield V in 2018. Industrial Toys (and DICE) are developing the game right now. A big development team for a mobile game that should follow in the footsteps of Call of Duty Mobile.
Here's EA's announcement about Battlefield on phone:

The game will therefore be available on iOS and Android, on smartphones and tablets. It will be carried by Industrial Toys, a studio that works "in close collaboration with DICE." Moreover, this new project is a stand-alone game. Indeed, this mobile game will be "completely different from the PC and console versions. It will be specifically designed for the mobile platform. Developed entirely by iToys, this unique and challenging Battlefield experience will allow you to enjoy the license at any time."

Technically, the game is planned for the end of 2021. However, it will be available for free download in early 2022. The FPS is, in fact, well advanced in development according to Oskar Gabrielson, manager of DICE. In fact, the team in charge of the game is already in the "fine-tuning" and testing stage. A game out of the ordinary, according to the general manager. He adds: "with a never-before-seen level of polish, epic scale, all-out military warfare, game-affecting destruction, and titanic battles with even more players and chaos."

Do you want to test this game when it is released? We do! Of course, we will offer you various tests and contents about the Battlefield mobile game when it will be released! Stay tuned and follow all the progress with our JeuMobi news!

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