EVE Echoes mobile server launches today

Game EVE Echoes mobile

EVE Echoes is the mobile version ofEVE Online. Developed in collaboration by CCP Games and NetEase, this space MMO will now be playable on phones and tablets. While the game was already available for download on the Android and Appleit took until today for the server to be operational. Start your space conquest at 8am UTC.

Just like in its big brother, EVE Online, in EVE Echoes you will be able to form alliances to progress together and help each other. However, the mobile version will have a few specific differences to offer a new and refreshing gameplay experience. First of all, there is a new mysterious faction: the Yan Jung faction.

Ships from the mobile game EVE Echoes
Build your fleet to explore space in EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes: an infinite world in a mobile

Whatever the size of your mobile, the world ofEVE Echoes will offer you an open and infinite world. This sandbox-style game allows everyone to write their own story. Everyone can strategise and progress at their own pace, exploring over 8,000 star systems. The world is smaller than the PC version, but still huge. The activities on offer are diverse: interstellar battles, space piracy, industrial production or trade... the universe is yours!

However, in this limitless world, there are as many opportunities to take as there are dangers to avoid. So build your fleet and your economy wisely. While reacting quickly to short-term events is necessary, don't forget your long-term goals in the mobile game EVE Echoes. To build a galactic empire worthy of the name, you'll need to be patient.

Gameplay of the mobile game EVE Echoes
There are many strategies for development: find yours.

A multiplayer game

EVE Echoes has decided to integrate new ships, specific to the mobile version. You should be able to find more than 500 ships and customise your fleet extensively. It's also an opportunity to stand out from other players, whether they are in your alliance(corporation) or against you in PvP battles.

You should also know that, for the moment, there is only one server. This makes it easier to find your friends. As there is no single strategy for development, some will prefer to diversify their activities and be complementary, while others will build very specialised empires.

Looking for MMOs to play with friends on your phone ? Try the EVE Echoes experience or explore the mobile MMO games category.

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