Halfbrick Beyond 2023 game announcements

Halfbrick Beyond 2023 game announcements

Let's discover together the Halfbrick Beyond 2023 game announcements, the Halbrick studio event. Between animated series of known IP, remastered versions of old games and gameplay of upcoming games, the future looks busy for the franchises of the studio. Let's go over all these announcements in detail.

Halfbrick studio remastered games

Before starting the Halfbrick Beyond 2023 game announcements, a little reminder of the history of the studio. Halfbrick Studios is one of the mobile games precursors, especially with a title you probably know: Fruit Ninja.

Since then, the mobile gaming market has evolved greatly to become what it is today, and Halfbrick has contributed greatly to this. Among the games developed by the studio, two of them will have their remastered version in 2023 to allow players to rediscover them with updated graphics and improved fluidity.

Fish Out the Water, one of the remastered Halfbrick games

In the first one, Fish Out the Water, choose your marine animal, such as a small fish, a dolphin or a whale, which is launched at full speed and whose objective is to cover as much distance as possible before the end of its race. To do this, dose your boost gauge and collect all the bonuses on your way.

Age of Zombies, one of the remastered Halfbrick games

The second remastered game, Age of Zombies, changes the atmosphere. Here, you can easily swap the cute animals for an assault rifle or any other weapon to face the hordes of zombies that are after you. A pure arcade game that will get your heart rate up.

Dan the Man 2 : the return of the redheaded ninja

In the aftermath of Halfbrick Beyond 2023, we were also treated to the announcement of two virtual reality game sequels: Fruit Ninja VR2 and Thrill of Fighting 2. But what really interests us today was the presentation of the sequel to one of the most popular Halfbrick games: Dan the Man 2.

Get ready to dive into adventure with this orange-haired ninja. Go through the levels and defeat your opponents in this colorful pixel-art universe. Seven years after the first installment, we can't wait to try this beat 'em up platform game with a retro atmosphere. The Dan the Man 2 release date is scheduled for summer 2023.

Finally, Halfbrick's game licenses are diversifying to reach more audiences and we will soon be able to discover two animated series based on the Dan the Man and Jetpack Joyride universes.

So much for the Halfbrick Beyond 2023 game announcements and the future of Halfbrick Studios IPs. We'll keep you posted when we have more information, but for now, no specific release date has been revealed for all these games and series.

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