Legions & Legends announcement: combat and NFTs

Legions & Legends announcement

Azra Games studio has just presented its first game with Legions & Legends announcement. Collect heroes in NFT to strengthen your army and conquer a galaxy far, far away called Corvus. Let's take a look at the information we have on this fighting game.

Legions & Legends announcement for iOS and Android

Legions & Legends announcement reveals a gacha RPG that will incorporate blockchain-related features. This is the first game from the young studio Azra Games. However, it was founded by Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes creators. One of the co-founders, Mark Otero, has worked on the Dragon Age, Battlefield and Mass Effect franchises.

The few artworks available on the official website of the game let us imagine a universe that seems to mix science fiction and medieval fantasy.

Legions & Legends announcement from Azra Games

In Legions & Legends, combine magic and technology to defeat your enemies in the eternal war. At the moment, we know of three character types that will be in the game: Legionnaires, Commanders and Behemoths, slow but powerful biological and mechanical creatures. We don't know more about the gameplay, although we can expect something similar to Galaxy of Heroes.

NFTs put on sale before the alpha

Legions & Legends annoucement was accompanied by the game's roadmap. The studio only plans to release the test phases in phase 4 and therefore in several months at least. However, the first NFT collections will be available for sale this summer.

Legions & Legends NFTs

To build your legion, you will need to acquire legends, upgrade them, trade them or sell them to buy better ones. This is of course where NFTs come into play. We have no idea what the price order of the characters will be, but the cryptocurrency used will be Ethereum.

That's it for this Legions & Legends announcement. We'll know more in a few weeks as a trailer will accompany the release of the first NFT collection. To keep up to date with the latest news on iOS and Android games, I'll redirect you to ourmobile news section.

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