Marvel Realm of Champions mobile game unveiled in gameplay

Mobile game Marvel Realm of Champions

Marvel Realm of Champions is the latest mobile game inspired by the Marvel universe to be announced. In an alternative universe where the timelines have crossed and intertwined, the camps of good and evil have consequently very porous borders. So, while you'll have the opportunity to meet up with many of your favourite characters, there are still some surprises in store.

The official release date is still pending but the community continues to receive information. The latest: a gameplay video. The opportunity to get a first idea of this game for iOS and Android. In any case, after MARVEL Strike Forceplayers will have even more choices to play as superheroes.

Gameplay video

Which Marvel universe for this mobile game?

Marvel is known for its multiverse and alternative worlds, each with its own reality. The mobile game Marvel Realm of Champions takes advantage of this freedom to develop a new scenario. Once ruled by Maestro, the evil alter-ego of the Hulk, the world has been turned upside down by his fall. Several regions are now fighting for power and you will have to build the best team to assert your leadership.

Among the factions to be integrated, players will have a wide choice. The Republic of Asgard (Thor, Loki), Mutopia (X-Men), the Spider Guild (Spider-Man) and the lands of Wakanda (Black Panther) are all available. If the game is not yet available, a world map is already available on the official website. This is where you can also pre-register.

The map of the new Marvel mobile game
A small portion of the map.

This is a good way to wait and choose in advance which side you want to represent.

Marvel Realm of Champions Game and Battle Mode

One of Marvel's trademarks is fighting. Whether it's in the movies or the comics, the studio always promises us epic confrontations. This identity can also be found in most of their video game adaptations and the mobile game Marvel Realm of Champions will be no exception to the rule.

Spider-Man Marvel Realm of Champions
Heroes are customisable.

In multiplayer battles, you must build a customisable squad of three. Choose your squad members carefully to gain an advantage. You have the choice to specialise or to go for balance and complementarity. Are you more of a brute force type or do you prefer special skills andtactics? It's up to you to prove yourself in this new Marvel Realm of Champions mobile game.

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