Futurama Update: Game of Drones


The March 16, 2016 update for Futurama: Game of Drones is here. On the agenda are some fixes to the game, some achievements to unlock, nothing significant but a news that makes its effect.

Here is the patch-note in French.

HELLO MEAT BAG - We've added some bling to the Wheel of Robots. For classy robots like me, this is great. Check it out.
BEEP-BEEP - Our powerful robotic brains have calculated that you want success. Beep-beep... It's okay, you have successes.
CALM DOWN, MAMMIFER - We've heard your whining and fixed a bunch of little bugs, so muzzle it!
BY BOB MARLEY DREADLOCKS - Now you can share your comics. And without any paperwork!
Tuor I like Espelette pepper, and writing articles.

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