Mobile Games News Recap | Week of October 3 to 9, 2022

Mobile Games News Recap | Week of October 3 to 9, 2022

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS of the week of October 3 to 9, 2022! On the agenda this week: fight against the evil forces in Undecember, travel to the afterlife with Spiritfarer, live the change at Supercell and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read all about it below. ⬇️

Undecember: pre-registration opening and release on October 12

Let's start this recap with Undecember that many of you are waiting for! Hackn'slash with a dark universe, Undecember is a title made by the studio LINE Games. In-game, you have to fight against the evil god Serpens and his army with axes, swords or anything you can get your hands on.

In Undecember, forget about the usual class systems as your character's fighting style is determined by the runes you equip. In addition to the single-player campaign, you'll be able to battle other players in PvP or team up with them to defeat bosses in dungeon raids.

Undecember is available for pre-registration on iOS and Android before its release on October 12, but you can already test the game as a demo on Steam if you have a PC to run it.

One Punch Man Justice is Served: beta phase in China

Announced last year by Tencent, One Punch Man Justice Is Served is currently in beta stage in China. If this gacha RPG strongly resembles One Punch Man The Strongest in its gameplay, it's visually that the title stands out with 3D graphics faithful to the anime, unlike the chibi style of the previous title's characters. For the moment, we don't know when the title will be available in Europe, but a small gameplay video makes us want to try it.

TFT: patch 12.19 details

As every two weeks, Riot Games has just deployed a new TFT patch. After the 12.18 update which rebalanced the meta following the 7.5 set, the TFT patch 12.19 further strengthens the impact of the Dragons.

These bugs can now be played with the champions Scalescorn without losing their respective bonuses. Individually, several dragons benefit from buffs, while Seraphine and Zyra suffer the biggest nerfs of the patch. Find out more about the changes in TFT 12.19 in our detailed article.

Spiritfarer: deadly release for Netflix subscribers

We told you about it in one of the last recaps, Spiritfarer is now out on Android and iOS. Available on mobile only for Netflix subscribers, the game mixes action and management in an adventure that places you as the successor of Charon, the ferryman of souls.

Find the wandering spirits and welcome them on your boat to make their journey to the afterlife as pleasant as possible. Depending on their requirements, make them comfortable in a decent home and prepare their last meals before passing to the other side.

OGame : the galactic MMO release on Android and iOS

If you have experienced the great OGame era, you are not young anymore. Indeed, this browser-based MMORTS is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. And for the occasion, Gameforge is finally releasing its space colonization game on Android and iOS. By the way, this mobile version benefits from the new Lifeforms expansion, which includes 4 new species with unique technologies and new buildings.

Apex Legends Mobile : Patch notes from the Aftershow season

While the competition at the top of the mobile FPS market has never been so tight, games are doing everything to please their community and this week we discover the Apex Legends Mobile Aftershow update.

Apex Legends Mobile : Aftershow season

Launched on October 4th on Android and iOS, this update adds a third battle pass for 3 euros, a new single player mode in battle royale, 4 season events and no new legend for now. The good news of this patch is that Apex mobile removes rank restrictions to play with your buddies up to Platinum rank, so it's time to PL your buddies stuck bronze since launch!

Eldrum Red Tide : dark fantasy in turn-based

Two years after the Eldrum: Untold release, the Swedish studio Act None is publishing a sequel, Eldrum Red Tide, on Android and iOS. In this dark fantasy RPG with combat turn-based, you play as a former soldier looking for his brother, who disappeared during the war.

In between battles, Eldrum Red Tide immerses you in an immersive text-based adventure with minimalist but pleasant graphics. The downside of the title is that it is only available in English.

Heroes Arise: a new 5v5 MOBA (again)

Lately, not a week goes by without a MOBA announcement. After Autochess MOBA that we presented last week in our recap and in our top games of the month of October, it's now the turn of Heroes Arise to position itself on the market. Currently in the test phase, Heroes Arise sees 2 teams of players compete in 5v5 on an extremely classic map.

34 heroes are available to fight in 10 minutes games against players from all over the world. I can't tell you how the game brings anything original, but for those who are interested, you can download the APK on the official website and take part in the testing, just to make your opinion on the matter.

Apple Arcade: October releases summary

On the Apple Arcade side, the program is loaded for the month of October. Available now, GRIS+ opens the ball of the month's releases. Explore deserts, underground tunnels and sanctuaries in this 2D platformer full of puzzles, where the narrative gives way to contemplation.

On October 18, NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition will arrive exclusively on mobile. This port will feature the career mode, multiplayer matches, but also the new Greatest game mode, to face the 20 best basketball players of all time, including Shaquille O'Neal and Michael Jordan.

Other Apple Arcade releases this month include the addition of two card games, Gin Rummy Classic and Spider Solitaire: Card Game on Oct. 7, followed the next week by The Gardens Between, an adventure and puzzle game already available for purchase on iOS, Android, Steam and consoles.

Finally, on October 28, Stitch. a puzzle game in the form of embroidery that will make you rack your brains. It's probably one of the only mobile games where you can ask your grandmother for advice.

Need for Speed Mobile: a beta in China by TiMi Studios

After the gameplay leaks last May, the next title of the Need For Speed license on mobile has just entered the beta phase in China. Developed by TiMi Studios under the code name: Speed, this racing game offers players 3 cars: a McLaren F1 and two Lamborghini models, Aventador and Gallardo. We don't know much more about it for the moment, but we'll keep you posted on a possible global release.

Dead Cells Mobile : major update with 3 extensions

Dead Cells Mobile has a lot of new content coming up. The roguelite from Bordeaux's Motion Twin promises a maximum of content for its fans, after the release of the DLC The Queen of The Sea earlier this year. No less than 3 new expansions will arrive in November.

In the program of updates, you will find new weapons, new enemies, and the possibility of having a pet to accompany you in your journey to the heart of the underworld. For those who don't already have it in their library, Dead Cells Mobile is available on Android and iOS for just under 10 euros.

Neural Cloud: sign up for the beta at the October's end

A new game from the Girls Frontline license announced last March, Neural Cloud is now opening for pre-registration on Android and iOS. Collect warrior dolls to create your devastating composition and overcome the partially random levels of this strategic gacha.

As the story unfolds, discover the past and secrets of the new generation of dolls and take the time to customize their dormitories between adventures. If you are interested in this game that insists on your relationships with dolls, I advise you to review your IRL relationships.

Dan the Man 2 : the new title from Halfbrick announcement

The studio Halfbrick Studios, known for the games Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has just announced the Dan the Man sequel via a tweet on its official account. As a reminder, the first opus is a horizontal scrolling platform game with pixel art graphics, which accumulates more than 50 million downloads.

To be informed of the Dan The Man 2 development, you can now subscribe to the newsletter on the official website of Halfbrick Studios.

Traha Global: a global version without auto mode

We continue this week's mobile news recap with the pre-registration opening on Android for Traha Global, an MMORPG by Moai Games. Planned for mobile and PC, this title allows you to play as a Traha, your customizable hero, able to switch at any time between the 7 available fighter classes.

In addition to all the profession skills to unlock like cooking, fishing or ironwork, you will have to learn how to fight properly since you won't have the opportunity to rely on auto-combat which will be removed from the Traha global version.

Foolish Mortals: Steam demo and 2023 release on mobile

As for Undecember, it's during the Steam Next Fest that we got some news about Foolish Mortals. This point & click from Inklingwood studio is currently in full crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and its goal was reached in less than 24 hours.

Inspired by Monkey Island and other classics of the genre, Foolish Mortals promises a mysterious plot enhanced by a neat art direction. While the game won't be released until next year on Android, iOS, Switch and PC, a demo version is already available on Steam for the more impatient among you.

Soccer Star 2022: build your World Cup team

One and a half months before the launch of the Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the Hua Huo studio has just released the early access of Soccer Star: 2022 Football Cup on Android. The gameplay of the game is more arcade than its competitors, as some players have abilities that improve their stats, speed or power for example.

In addition to the career mode and multiplayer battles to move up in the rankings, you can put together your dream team in a mode similar to FIFA Ultimate Team.

Clash of Clans: a new season for Halloween

In this month of Halloween, Clash of Clans welcomes its thirtieth season entitled Clash-O-Ween. Find a new Gold Pass to unlock rewards, such as gold, elixir, various potions, but also and especially the Spooky Queen skin for the Archer Queen.

Clash Royale: Season 40 Clash-O-Ween released

The same goes for Clash Royale, with Season 40 also named Clash-O-Ween, featuring the Witch and the Bats, whose cards are boosted until the end of the season. 5 new emotes are now available via the store or the Royale Pass, in addition to two skins sets for the King's Tower and the Crowned Towers.

Checkmate Heroes : when Idle RPG meets chess

The studio Yoozoo Games, which you may know from League of Angels or Game of Thrones: Winter is coming, has just opened the pre-registrations for its next game: Checkmate Heroes. In this idle PRG, collect characters to compose the most powerful team.

Each hero is associated with a chess piece, which he can transform into, giving him different characteristics. To improve your team, merge pieces or buildings together, then watch your army decimate your opponents.

Unhappy Raccoon: Raccoon Wars

Available in beta for some time, Unhappy Raccoon was officially released on Android and iOS on October 8. So, come and test your skill in this nervous 3D isometric shooter, where the characters are humanoid raccoons.

The game's cartoonish art direction is very well done, whether it's in the colorful backgrounds, the cute characters or the damage animations that are reminiscent of comic book bubbles. With the roguelike elements integration and the depth of skill customization, Unhappy Raccoon offers a complete gameplay experience that will satisfy players looking for a challenge.

Everdale: bye bye Little House on the Prairie

End of the game for Everdale, the peaceful multiplayer village building and farming game by Supercell. In just one month, Supercell has decided to end the development of two of its games. We said goodbye to Clash Quest in September and this time, we have to say goodbye to Everdale which was in soft launch for about 1 year.

Gamers are disappointed to see their progress and their little haven of peace leave and some even wonder if they should continue to trust Supercell who seems to abandon its projects one after the other. We'll see what the future holds for the studio and we'll keep our fingers crossed that Clash Mini and Clash Heroes survive a little longer than Clash Quest and Everdale.

PUBG Mobile: Riley and Sophia release

This week, PUBG Mobile adds two new characters to the six heroes already present in-game. While Riley seems ready to blend in with the scenery with his jungle-colored clothes, Sophia is a tech-savvy mercenary. To test these two new fighters and discover their unique skills, head to the PUBG Mobile store.

Partnerships: New State and Mech Arena collabs

Let's finish this mobile gaming news recap with the partnerships of the week. First, PUBG New State Mobile is partnering with Dead by Daylight to offer its players cosmetics related to the horror game starting October 19, just over a week before Halloween.

In a completely different style, Mech Arena offers the services of Neymar Jr. This legendary soccer player joins the roster of giant robot pilots. Available for free for a limited time, Neymar joins Mech Arena along with 6 skins Mechas featuring the PSG player.

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news!

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