Mobile Games News Recap | Week of July 25 to 31, 2022

Mobile games news of the week July 2022 issue 5

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS for the week of July 25 to 31, 2022! On the agenda this week: the TapTap Presents 2022 announcements, a new Rocket League mobile game or almost, a game that will take you for a carp koi, maybe a future No Man's Sky on mobile, the Sims revisited in 2.0 and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read all about it below. ⬇️

New mobile games and global announcements

Zenless Zone Zero Beta

Let's start this recap with the beta of Zenless Zone Zero, the famous Z.Z.Z. imagined by Hoyoverse. You could discover new images of the RPG at the Summer Game Fest 2022 last month, and Zenless is once again talking about it with a trailer, this time dedicated to the combat mechanics.

In addition to this video, we learn that the beta of Z.Z.Z. announced a little earlier will finally take place from August 5th. I hope that this test on PC and iOS will be able to confirm the good feelings promised by the trailers for the 12 characters of the game and their modern weapons that should wreak havoc in the apocalyptic settings of Zenless Zone Zero from this beta.

Soccer Rally on AppStore and PlayStore

For the second news of the week, I propose you to have a look at Rocket League Mobile... Or almost. The official Rocket League Sideswipe port of the PC game was very successful and chose to use 2D rather than 3D at its launch, as you know. This way, the Psyonix title was able to keep an excellent handling and the signature aerial acrobatics of the license. But some players were expecting the depth of a 3D terrain on mobile instead.

As a result, the little Soccer Rally takes advantage of this to make a place for itself on the market with soccer clashes between cars in 3-dimensional arenas. Unlike Rocket League Sideswipe, Soccer Rally focuses on ground gameplay and doesn't really offer controls in the air, which makes it a different arcade experience despite the obvious similarities between the two games.

Announcement of the launch of Warhammer 40k Tacticus

If playing with a balloon is not enough to satisfy your strategy needs, you will soon be able to

If messing around with a balloon isn't enough to satisfy your strategy needs, you can soon get your hands on Warhammer 40k Tacticus. Games Workshop's license universe will expand on August 15 with this new mobile opus that mixes PvP and PvE in a map style with hexagons and a good dose of strategy at turn-based.

Even though Warhammer games on mobile have not convinced all fans of the license, the Snowprint studio that develops the game has already had success with a title with similar mechanics called Rivengard. Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus has already opened its pre-registrations on Google Play, Appstore and its official website if you don't want to miss its release.

Exit from Tower of Fantasy

After many tests, Tower Infinite will finally be released on August 10 on Android, iOS and PC. This anime-RPG developed by Hotta Studio and published by Tencent presents itself as an open-world action and exploration game in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe. So if you like the concept, sharpen your weapons and get ready for the launch and don't forget that a second wave of players will surely arrive at the gGamescom!

Release of Before Your Eyes in Netflix game

Close your eyes and imagine that you are entering someone else's memories... Well, this is the poetic journey that the game Before Your Eyes, literally "under your eyes", proposes you to undertake.

Released in 2021 on PC, this BAFTA Game Awards-winning title is finally getting a mobile port as a Netflix game, despite some grip issues. Open Benjamin Brynn's eyes at the same time as yours and discover what happened to him before he died.

Between narration, contemplation and slight decisions, you will have to be careful not to blink to avoid missing anything. It is this special mechanic from Before Your Eyes that will make you change the game scene as soon as you close your eyes. And even with a dust in your eye, you won't be able to go back, so get ready for a great journey...

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

For those who prefer to have their destiny in their own hands, the announcement of Dragonheir: Silent Gods should please you. As the Chosen One, your mission will be to purge the world of its darkness by battling numerous creatures in a dark fantasy world. On the gampelay side, Dragonheir is mostly inspired by JdR with a d20 system.

Moreover, its sandbox world offers a variable story with non-linear and unpredictable quests in addition to epic characters to meet or play as. Without a precise release date, the title is aiming for 2023 with a test session in 2022.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent release

After a beta in Canada and the United States, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent finally gets a worldwide release this week. The iconic retro JRPG license chooses to take the codes of the traditional RPG in a brand new adventure and add a touch of gacha. A prequel to the successful Switch game, this title is a unique mobile opus that will take you deep into the license's lore and its battles, although you'll need a good level of English to enjoy the immersion given the lack of French translation of Square Enix's game.

Future Football Manager, a surprise trailer

Seeing the images put forward by other sites to present Future Football Manager, I came across female characters wearing soccer jerseys and I had the credulity to think "well, they put a female league, that's a change!". And then... I came across this trailer, where the men are heroes on the field and the women turn into nurse fantasies and minstrels. Honestly, "flowerpot" or "swimsuit filler" would have been more thoughtful on the part of the developers. I think it's time for a little evolution on the soccer game side, especially for a game called "FUTURE Football Manager".

The TapTap Presents 2022 all in ads

Annulusbecause one "L" can change everything

Hold on for the busiest part of this recap which includes many announcements from the TapTap Presents 2022 conference. For those who still don't know, TapTap is a game store like the PlayStore and AppStore and one that we use on a daily basis at JeuMobi. The first announcement of the show is the opening of pre-registration at Annulus on TapTap. Attention dyslexics, this game is not what you imagine. The Indrasoft-designed title attempts to establish itself as a tactical dark fantasy RPG. Presented in isometric view, the gameplay ofAnnulus takes place at turn-based and allows you to compose your group of mercenaries to defeat the monsters you will meet. In a Diablo-like universe, you will have to defeat evil while discovering the world ofAnnulus and its secrets.

Gameplay trailer of Wuthering Waves

We continue the TapTap news with the new gameplay trailer of the game Wuthering Waves. This single-player, open-world ARPG will certainly remind you of Genshin Impact. However, its environments are darker, urban and modern. In terms of movement and combat, you can also run on walls and transform yourself into a robot golem to defeat your opponents. But the graphic style of Hoyoverse is well and truly present on this opus in the animations, the effects and the quality character design. The trailer of Wuthering Waves creates the hype with very good epic vibes illustrated by combat and rhythmic music worthy of a real anime.

Etheria Restarts Announced as World Exclusive at TapTap Presents 2022

Let's stay in the Etheria: Restart RPG genre. Between the real world and the virtual world of Etheria, only Hyper-linkers can travel and face the lurking virus. The trailer Cinematic of Etheria: Restart presents a cyberpunk universe full of hackers that should make its debut on mobile in 2023. If you are interested in the title you can already pre-register to keep up to date with the news about it.

A trailer for Captain Tsubasa: Ace

Leave the hacker keyboards behind and strap on the cleats with Captain Tsubasa: Ace on Android and iOS. Competitive, multiplayer, and tactical, this online soccer game is obviously based on the iconic license of the same name. In addition to the various game modes, you will have the opportunity to shine with your special foot techniques in real time as in the original manga. We'll have to wait a little longer to see the gameplay, but I hope that the feeling will be close to the drawings of Captain Tsubasa.

Project Stars

Another major announcement of this edition of TapTap Presents: Project Stars is revealed with a first trailer. Particularly ambitious, the title signed Hero Games wants to offer a space exploration experience on mobile with a maximum of freedom, like No Man's Sky. In order to survive, collect resources, build your base, discover the planets of the Beia galaxy and the species found there, without forgetting to craft weapons and vehicles for safety.


A cross between The Sims and Animal Crossing, Heartopia is the next generation of mobile life simulations. As you go on adventures, decorate your home, meet new people, adopt pets and expand your personal world online. Capture your memories in photos and continue your relationships between real and virtual despite the distance. To find out about Heartopia's many activities when it's released, don't forget to pre-register on TapTap.

Koi Remake : TapTap exclusive

In parallel to the action games, a title stands out at TapTap Presents by its softness and its soothing calm. Named Koi Remake this game is a TapTap exclusive that will remind you of the first phase of the game Spore with a more contemplative and poetic dimension than an In this Android remake of the PC game released in 2019, you play a Koi carp that peacefully explores its environment between rivers, ponds and water lilies in a meditative atmosphere.

Anno Mutationem

Ahead of its beta at the end of the year, the game Anno Mutationem is revealed at the TapTap conference. Currently in the pre-registration phase, this side-scrolling action game allows you to play as Ann Flores with style, shooting and grenades against the toughest enemies. Quite nervous, this style of game will remind you a bit of Dead Cells with its retro graphics and a universe that is both colorful and heavy at times.

BarBarQ 2

If taking you for a carp doesn't make you dream more than that, you might be tempted by some messy fighting. BarbarQ 2 is a PvP title in which you play as a clan member and must defend your people. In 3v3v3 against two teams, you'll have six minutes to beat up your enemies and save the honor of the clan, even if it means throwing flaming mushrooms in their faces. Choose from random skills each round to suit your play style and collect equipment, mounts and pets. In this second installment, you'll also be able to play in a 12-player battle royale, so if you're interested in the game, go ahead and pre-register on TapTap while you wait for its worldwide release.

CoA: Crystal of Atlan

I hope you haven't overdosed on anime RPGs at this point, because Crystal of Atlan is the next game on our TapTap Presents 2022 list. A true cocktail of magic and technology, the title shines with its graphics and its combo of ground and air combat. A real-time action game, it has so far only presented 4 playable classes to the public: the Berserker, the Sword Warrior, the Mage and an unnamed class related to the main story.

Go! Go! Muffin: TapTap Presents world premiere

Another TapTap exclusive, Go! Go! Muffin has been premiered by XD Entertainment. Accompanied by your trusty Midgard Muffin, you'll put together your team and join forces with players from around the world to make the best compositions and beat anyone who stands in your way. Go! Go! Muffin is set as a medieval fantasy Idle RPG where your characters will face formidable opponents.

TABS Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: TapTap Presents world premiere

The laws of physics of Breath of the Wild will have to be respected because Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will soon land on mobile. Currently in the pre-registration phase, the title released in 2021 on other supports after 2 years of early access is finally getting an Android and iOS port for fans of extraordinary physics. Form your ranks of marshmallow models, arm them to the teeth and let the game generate the amount of damage, unless of course you really want to sharpen your offensive strategy for PvP.

To finish this section on the TapTap conference, you should know that other announcements were made and that they include season 2 of T3 Arena, but also information on Yaeger, Naraka, Genshin Impact, Neon Abyss and many other titles, so I invite you to find our complete recap in the description.

Announcement of the release date of Papers, Please on mobile

With all these departures on vacation, someone has to check the papers of all these people! Fortunately, with Papers, Please you'll be able to do it your way, sitting at home on your smartphone from August 5th. 10 years after the release of the original game, go back to the border of the communist state of Astotzka and monitor the arrivals from Kolechia to protect your big and beautiful country from spies, terrorists and other unwelcome visitors. Thought of as a premium model, Lucas Pope's game will be available on Android and iOS very soon for maximum paperwork, fingerprinting and suitcase checking until the end of the summer.

Updates of the week

TFT 12.14 patch notes

This week, we'll quickly go over the major updates because of the number of releases, so as not to make this recap endless. Let's start with TFT and its patch 12.14. While Riot Games struggles to balance the current meta since the release of the seventh set, the game development team has decided to take new measures.

This time, Warriors and Dracomancers get a buff to improve their playability and Guild champions get nerfed as well as character upgrade buffs, to favor legendary champions. All the details of the Tealfight Tactics 12.14 patch can be found in our detailed article.

Pool Party in Flash Party, one of the best fighting games on mobile

Break out your water guns and join Flash Party's Pool Party this summer. Introduced during the TapTap stream earlier this week, this event for the popular mobile fighting game and distant cousin of Smash Bros. brings a fresh twist to the original content. In addition to serving up three new skins until August 22, studio XD Entertainment is offering a chance to try out the new character Tarara in its summer fighting arena.

New Torchlight Infinite Character for October Open Beta: Thea

If you don't remember Torchlight Infinite, our test channel can refresh your memory. This summer, the title with colorful graphics and dynamic but rather repetitive gameplay adds a new class to its roster and announces an additional beta in October. Very free-to-play friendly at this stage, Torchlight Infinite remains a good pastime. It offers a very open build system and a good hack'n slash feeling even if it loses steam with time. In any case, we'll see what happens during the beta.

Esport and Industry

On the esports and industry side I don't have much to tell you this week except that Tencent held its Esports Summit 2022. It was mainly about the evolution of the Chinese esport scene in the coming years and the development of the different levels of competition in the Wild Rift.
For the numbers, Raid: Shadow Legends, your favorite sponsored content client has surpassed $1 billion spent by in-game players, so thanks for them. Also, think about premium youtube subscriptions to the JeuMobi channel next time. Just saying.

For the numbers, Raid: Shadow Legends, your favorite sponsored content client has surpassed $1 billion spent by in-game players, so thanks for them. Also, think about premium youtube subscriptions to the GameMobi channel next time. Just saying.

So since 2019, Raid has been able to convince new players constantly thanks to a well-honed marketing strategy. For its part, Diablo Immortal reaches 100 million spent by its in-game community in the space of two months, and only on mobile, which ranks it ahead of Fire Emblem Heroes or even Fortnite on mobile according to Sensor Tower. But the revenues of Activision Blizzard's game are still in their infancy as Diablo Immortal is currently launching on the Chinese market, which is proving to be a real goldmine for mobile game publishers.

This week has been so full of news that I had to spend hours sorting the news to keep only the most popular content. Of course, I don't forget :

  • The partnership between PUBG mobile and the Swedish car brand Koenigsegg in second edition
  • the launch of Call of Duty Mobile Season 7, New Vision City, and a Ghost in the Shell partnership for cutting-edge cyberpunk content;
  • The launch of HEROish on the Apple Arcade, which is a single-player RPG in side view and a MOBA in PvP mode;
  • the arrival of Project Rush B in closed beta in 27 regions of the world since this week, for 15 minutes games in a style Valorant and without aim-assist,
  • The 7th anniversary of Bleach Brave Souls;
  • The opening of pre-registration for the JRPG and gacha Eroica with many narrative choices ;
  • access to pre-registration at Infinite Magicraid, a map-based RPG with team composition;
  • the beginning of early access to Charlotte's Table, the casual match-3 game about cooking by Netmarble;
  • the start of pre-registration for Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak, the upcoming multiplayer game from the creators of Toram Online ;
  • the worldwide release ofAlice Fiction, a fast-paced puzzle and action game.

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