Netflix game releases in July 2022

Netflix Game Releases for July 2022

To accompany you this summer while you bask in the sun, let's discover together the Netflix game releases for July 2022. On the agenda: thinking, cute animals, investigation and innovative storytelling.

Netflix Mobile games releases in July 2022

In this month's newsletter, we found out about the Netflix game releases in July 2022. The SVOD platform is increasingly present in the video game industry and is constantly expanding its catalogue of mobile games. At Netflix Geeked Week 2022, we recently told you about the upcoming arrival of 3 new Devolver games on Netflix Games.

No less than 4 titles have been announced in the Netflix games releases for July. Let's see what these games have in store for us.


IMMORTALITY is Sam Barlow's third narrative game, following Her Story and Telling Lies. You will have to investigate the disappearance of actress Marissa Marcel through the three films she starred in, but which were never released.

IMMORTALITY release date is set for July 26, 2022 on Steam, but we don't know if the mobile version will be released the same day or the following week.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures

Developed by the Jam City studio, already known for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Wild Things: Animal Adventures is a Match-3 puzzle game. You have to move elements to assemble them in a row and create combos in numerous levels populated by cute animals to collect. A game for fans of puzzle games that will keep your commute busy.

Mahjong Solitaire

In the same spirit as the previous title in the Netflix game releases in July, Mahjong Solitaire offers several hundred levels to rack your brains. The tile design and background are customisable, such as with the Stranger Things theme below.

Netflix game releases in July 2022: Mahjong Solitaire

Before Your Eyes

Among July's Netflix game releases, there's one title that stands out. Released in 2021 on PC, Before Your Eyes was a critical success and won the BAFTA Games Award 2022. Indeed, its original concept and the poetry of its universe make it an innovative and enchanting title.

In Before Your Eyes, you are immersed in the memories of Benjamin Brynn and you must do everything you can to help him succeed in his passage to the afterlife.

To interact with these memories, you don't have any buttons to press as your gaze controls the camera and actions are triggered by the blink of your eyes. A title to discover soon on mobile if you haven't had the opportunity to play it on PC.

That's it for the Netflix mobile game releases in July 2022. To access them, you must of course be a subscriber to the platform. And to make sure you don't miss any news, I invite you to check out our section dedicated to mobile news.

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