A new cross-platform RPG for Zynga Games?

Zynga and Echtra Games collaborate on new cross-platform RPG

Zynga Games currently has many strings to its bow. FarmVille, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, and DrawSomething have been delighting the gaming community for many years. While the American giant is very much focused on mobile games, it has announced that it will tackle other platforms. Soon, a cross-platform RPG from Zynga Games will be released. The studio has thought about this new project and will be able to count on the support ofEchtra Games, the company behind the Torchlight (I, II and III) series of games. The game studio has been acquired and will be able to bring its insights and knowledge to the PC and console game markets.

Torchlight could inspire Zynga Games' next cross-platform RPG
Echtra Games made its name with Torchlight.

A new member of the Zynga Games family

It's not yet clear what the next Zynga Games cross-platform RPG will look like. There is no indication yet whether it will be based on the Torchlight universe or not, but the possibility is still up in the air. In any case, Zynga Games CEO Frank Gibeau welcomed the acquisition. He expressed his respect for the Echtra Games team, welcoming them into the Zynga family and hoping to build successful projects with them.

The two parties did not communicate on the terms of the buyout and the amount of the transaction. No one knows how much Zynga Games spent to acquire the developers of Torchlight. But whatever the investment, this new collaboration could be very profitable. So keep an eye out for the next Zynga Games cross-platform RPG!
And of course we'll tell you all about it 😉

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