PUBG: New State, new Battle Royale on mobile

PUBG: New State new Mobile Battle Royale

The Battle Royale trend has also taken hold on the mobile market. While players are already spoilt for choice, a newcomer will soon be entering the fray. It is PUBG: New State developed by KRAFTON... which will compete directly with PUBG Mobile, the offspring of the Chinese giant Tencent. The two games will share the same universe and, at first glance, the challenge looks like being a big one to stand out.

While waiting for its release on iOS and Android, pre-registrations are open. In addition, the official website will allow you to follow the news of the new title in real time.

PUBG: New State game trailer

What are the arguments for PUBG: New State?

KRAFTON developed the original version of PUBG on the PC and has decided, with some delay, to release a home-grown version on mobile. However, this is not its only weapon, it has other assets to showcase. It promises ultra-realistic graphics that "push the boundaries of mobile gaming", dynamic and comfortable gameplay, a wealth of features (combat wheels, drones, etc.) and an exclusive futuristic battlefield.

Drone PUBG: New State

Although it will be released as a free-to-play game (with in-game microtransactions), not everyone will have access to this Battle Royale. Minimum configurations will be required. Android players will need a version 6. 0 or higher in addition to 2.5GB of RAM. Information for iOS devices is not yet available. Pre-registration is not yet available for Apple devices.

Benefits for pre-orders

Players who have the good sense to pre-order the game will receive free rewards . Top of the list is a skin limited (permanent) vehicle that will give you the opportunity to show off from your first game. It's reasonable to imagine that more freebies will follow if PUBG: New State causes a massive wave of pre-registrations.

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