Three FF Pixel Remaster games dated by Square since E3

FF Pixel Remaster

AtE3 2021, the creators of Final Fantasy announced the release of FF I to VI on Android and iOS devices. No official date was given at the event. But... Square Enix has just dated the release of the first three FF Pixel Remaster games. Let's find out together. 🤩

FF Pixel Remaster release date, images and bundle price

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, announced by Square Enix at E3, is a set of remastered versions of the Final Fantasy games for mobile. As the name suggests, the episodes in question will appear reworked in Pixel Art, in this case FF I to VI, published independently.

Several leaked information let think that the first games would arrive during July. Leaks totally confirmed by Square Enix who put online the files of Final Fantasy I, II and III on Steam a few hours ago. The three titles will be available on PC via Steam but also on mobile iOS and Android thanks to a simultaneous publication on all supports. Get ready, because the first three games of the FF Pixel Remaster will be released on July 28th at 7pm.

Image from Square Enix's FF Pixel Remaster
Image from Square Enix's FF Pixel Remaster

As for the price, the three opuses will be offered separately at the respective prices of €11.99 for FF I and II and €17.99 for Final Fantasy III on mobile and Steam. Note that Square Enix is currently offering them at a 20% discount. The bundle containing all the FF Pixel Remaster games is priced at €74.82 with a 22% discount. In this pack, you will find the six reworked games, wallpapers and remastered tracks of the titles.

According to Square Enix, this bundle will also give access to several musics of the game. The studio also states that the FF bestiary will change and that additional content will be available. These added elements will see the light of day after the release of Final Fantasy VI on mobile and Steam.

See you in a month to discover the first parts of this FF Pixel Remaster 😀

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