Release of Marvel Kingdom of Champions

Marvel Kingdom of Champions Release

No matter how desperate the situation, the heroes always arrive on time. At least that's true in movies and video games. The Marvel Kingdom of Champions MOBA has been announced for a while. After several trailers and tantalising gameplay videos, it's finally coming to iOS and Android. This is a global release and no one has been left out. Everyone get ready for battle. The 3v3 battles are shaping up to be Dantean, especially with the line-up of characters that have been announced. The most popular Superheroes and the most powerful Super-Villains are all here to show everyone who the real boss of the Marvel Universe is!

Good news for those who pre-registered. You will start the adventure with a small welcome gift: 300 Golds, 100 Units and some special equipment for the Legionnaire Hulk. For the others, don't waste a second, you have to play to catch up!

A Cinematic that lays the foundation for the Marvel Kingdom of Champions universe.

Marvel Kingdom of Champions, a new universe to discover

Marvel fans should surely be familiar with the notion of the multiverse. While some may argue for hours about whether something should be considered canon or not, there is still a great deal of creative freedom and interpretation for the merchandise. Not least because with the multiverse there are an infinite number of alternative realities, some ideal, some nightmarish. In any case, the developers have promised that Marvel Kingdom of Champions will offer a very rich universe from the moment of its release and that it will grow with each new update.

The game takes place in the Battleworld, created for the occasion. 8 guilds, inspired by very popular characters, are fighting for the control of territories. Among them, the Republic of Asgard, the Kingdom of Wakanda or the Patriot Garrison. The old alliances no longer exist and everyone is trying to make a go of it. It's up to you to choose your side, build your team and aim for the top.

Marvel Kingdom of Champions

Several multiplayer game modes

Marvel's Kingdom of Champions is not likely to tire of its players any time soon. The community will have the opportunity to compete in several multiplayer game modes.

  • Arena Conquest: 3v3 battle where the goal is to eliminate the Baron of the enemy team.
  • Fight to the death : a 2v2v2 war where you have to win as many points as possible.
  • Fortress : prepare your defences against successive waves.
  • Offensive : a challenging assault mode.

With this, there will be no shortage of enemies. Start playing this free-to-play game now and progress as quickly as possible!

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