Release of Warframe mobile on iOS: put on your Tenno armour!

Release of Warframe mobile on iOS

After winning over PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gamers, Digital Extremes is now targeting mobile users with the release of Warframe mobile on iOS! This port of the free-to-play game will delight both novice gamers who want to discover new games, and fans of the licence who will be able to continue playing wherever they are. So what does this mobile Warframe have in store for us? Take on the role of a Tenno and save the solar system!

Release of Warframe mobile on iOS today!

Scheduled for release on iOS on 21 February 2024, Warframe mobile gives youaccess to all the content available on the small screen of your mobile device. If you're a long-time gamer, you'll be delighted to be able to find all your progress thanks to the cross-platform save system, and of course you'll be able to play with console and PC players.

But if you're completely unfamiliar with the unique world of Warframe, don't panic, because today is the right day to start a brand new adventure!

The gameplay of Warframe, a multiplayer PVE game

The release of Warframe mobile on iOS takes you into a frantic multiplayer experience in which you play as a Tenno, a powerful warrior equipped with a Warframe, a super-powerful bio-metallic battle armour.

Release of Warframe mobile on iOS

As you battle your way through this third-person shooter, you'll be able to upgrade your Warframe or obtain the one of your dreams from the more than 50 Warframes available. You can fight with a wide range of weapons, from rifles and pistols to swords. Your Warframe will also give you unique powers. In other words, customise your adventure to the max, whether it's your powers, your ship or your appearance!

For the best possible gaming experience in this almost exclusively PvE world, we advise you to surround yourself with a squad of friends to get through the toughest missions. You'll also be able to discover breathtaking landscapes, as well as a fascinating and epic story thanks to the many Quests available. PvP fans can enjoy 1 vs 1 duels or team-based modes such as Solar Rail Conflict and Capture Cephalon.

Warframe mobile on iOS characters

Release of Warframe mobile on iOS: where can you download the game?

To take advantage of the release of Warframe mobile on iOS, visit the AppStore.

Unfortunately, the game is still in development for Android devices. We'll let you know the Google Play Store pre-registration link as soon as it's published. But you should know that the closed beta for the Android version of the game is underway, and you can sign up now using your Warframe account directly on the official website. If registration is not available for French players, feel free to use a VPN such as CyberGhost by configuring your VPN for the United States, where the closed beta is currently available!

Minimum system requirements for Warframe mobile

To play Warframe mobile on iOS, your iPhone or iPad must haveiOS 14.0 (or later), as well as the A12 Bionic chip (or later). So you'll need an iPhone 11 or higher, XS, XR, SE 2nd generation, or at least an 8th generation iPad.

Ready to embark on the fascinating world of Warframe? Celebrate the release of Warframe mobile on iOS by downloading the game now!

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