The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War
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A new Lord of the Rings mobile game in the works

lord of the ring mobile new game

The work of J.R.R Tolkien has an extremely rich universe. Books, films and derivative products of all kinds regularly delight fans. The various video games inspired by the work are also very popular. NetEase and Warner Bros. have decided to collaborate again to develop a mobile game. After having tackled Harry Potter with the game Harry Potter : Magic Awakened, the 2 companies are now working on a big project: Lord of the Rings mobile!

Lord of the Rings mobile: a project and questions

The game will be called The Lord of The Ring: Rise to War. It will offer players the opportunity to explore the vast world of Middle-earth on mobile. As is often the case, we can expect to have the opportunity to discover in detail lesser-known places that are not featured in the films.
Who has never dreamed of knowing more about the lush forest of Lorien, the mysterious Grey Havens or the Rhùn, land of the Orientals and the Oliphants?

You will surely be able to play the most emblematic characters of the saga. The most nostalgic must remember with pleasure the legendary trio of the Lord of the Rings formed by Aragorn the Man, Legolas the Elf and Gimli the Dwarf. But perhaps we will also meet some secondary characters (Éomer, Faramir, Elrond...)? Or even new characters? We have the right to imagine everything for this new mobile game.

We are waiting for more information, hoping that the translation will be provided!

Lord of the Rings mobile: release date still unknown

The project has just been announced, so don't be too impatient! For example, Harry Potter : Magic Awakened is only available in China at the moment. So maybe the same will be true for the future Lord of the Rings mobile! Nevertheless, we can hope that this project will concern all the players in the world. Especially since there is a real demand in Europe and America.

There is currently no real Lord of the Rings mobile game of reference. Fans of the work should rather go for PC or Console. In 2014, Kabam tried its luck with an unconvincing result.
The community never really got hooked.

Lego Lord of the Ring
The LEGO set has a design all its own.

Currently, Warner Bros. has another title available in the very special genre... LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ is available on the Play Store for £5.49. An affordable price, but you have to love LEGO style 😉

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