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Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update: Artificial Island

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update: Artificial Island

Already launched more than a month ago, Level Infinite's game is moving into high gear with the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update release on September 15. This update introduces a new zone: the Artificial Island. In addition to offering a new playground for exploration, you will be able to face two new world bosses, create your own base to collect rewards, carry out raids with 8 players, etc. You can also try to summon Claudia, a physical DPS. In this article, we detail everything that Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update has in store for you.

A new zone thanks to Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update: the Artificial Island

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 is the very first major update and delivers a new zone in the global version: the Artificial Island. This little paradise will give you the opportunity to collect multiple chests and Nuclei. You will also be able to earn additional Dark Crystals by filling up your exploration gauge. Discover all the resources to collect in the artificial island thanks to the interactive map of ToF.

The artificial island in ToF

The Artificial Island will challenge you with two new world bosses, including the interdimensional Cryoflame Dragon. This monster gives you a 3.3% chance to get Samir's dies. This set is particularly interesting since the 2-piece set allows you to increase your damage progressively (up to 20%).

New world boss of Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update

In order to access the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, you must be at least level 50 and follow a series of quests.

New feature: housing

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update also brings a brand new feature: housing. This will be far from a gimmick, as you will be able to build buildings and then upgrade them to farm a specific currency. By going to the dedicated store, you will be able to buy upgrade materials for your weapons, die wishes or a unique mount.

Housing system in Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update

But it doesn't stop there: by building a forge, you will be able to make dies directly, and even get SSRs. To do so, you'll have to farm monsters and other resources on a weekly basis, which will add a few more minutes to your daily farm routine.

New limited-time banner : Claudia

As you can see, Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 offers many challenges. To face them, you can try to summon a brand new simulacrum: Claudia, as well as her matrix set.

The young woman fights with Guren, a one-handed blade. She will increase the physical damage thanks to her resonance. She will be able to boost Shiro 's attacks in addition to her own. Claudia enjoys a particularly nervous gameplay where she chains together sword blows at full speed. A detailed guide to her weapon will be written.

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update events

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update will also feature several events. From September 15 to September 29, 2022, you can participate in Aida Cafe. In this event you will have to take care of several customers by serving them their favorite food. You will be able to obtain Red Nucleus.

ToF Update 1.5 event: Aida cafeoffee

The Supply Run event will allow you to unlock a reward every day until September 25, 2022. To access it, you must have completed the Intruder in the Ecological Station Quest.

But that's not all, as Tower of Fantasy 1.5 will also allow you to participate in 8-player cooperative raids. We advise you to increase your power in order to be able to meet the challenge.

Claudia, new simulacra of Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update

That's it for this article about Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Update. All that's left to do is to discover the artificial island and all the secrets it holds. You should have plenty to keep you busy while waiting for Tower of Fantasy 2.0 version. And if you are not yet level 50 in ToF, find out how to progress quickly with our beginner's guide.

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