TOP 10: Best Visual Novel games - Android and iOS

Best Android visual novel games

Love, twists and turns, intrigue, captivating stories... Yes, we are talking about choice games, and more specifically about mobile Visual Novels. Interactive stories on smartphones are very popular with young people. But we often forget that many visual novels tell stories for adults as well. From Argo's Choice to Pechka, here are the top 10 Android and iOS Visual Novels. As always, our selection features free Visual Novel games. Choice one: Continue reading. Choice two: ... Continue reading 😉

What is a Visual Novel game on Android?

Visual Novels are among the most popular types of games, especially on PC. On the computer or on consoles, we can mention, for example, Life is Strange, Eldarya or even Doki Doki, Myrhavir and Ascension. The first two are also available on Android and iOS. One is pay-to-play, the other is Pay-to-Play.
So what is a Visual Novel? As the name suggests, it is a novel in the form of a video game. Among the most popular Visual Novels, we can count pick-up games and Otome Games. These unfold a storyline specific to the game in which you have to get close to and pick up NPCs. Your results are then calculated under a "lovometer". You earn more or less points with each character, depending on the answers you give and choices you make.

All Visual Novels are games with choices. These choices influence the main plot and the subplots, so that there are several possible endings to the story. The pioneers of the Visual Novel genre on Android are undoubtedly Voltage, which has dozens of Visual Novels in its Love 365 application. We won't introduce you to these games because they are not free. Besides, a Visual Novel is relatively easy to create, thanks to adapted software such as Renpy.

The 10 best mobile Visual Novels of the moment

We are proud to present the best interactive novel games of the moment. Let's get started with our TOP 10 Visual Novels on Android and iOS. 😊

icon Underworld Office

1️⃣ Underworld Office

💼 👻

available on google play
available on app store

Let's start with the heavy stuff! Underworld Office is a visual adventure novel. A video novel written by authors chosen by the developers. In this title, all your choices count for the rest of the plot. In terms of gameplay, Underworld Office is based on conversational games, i.e. on the text chat system. This makes the universe all the more captivating, as you can chat with various wacky characters such as ghosts.

The story focuses on Eugene, a young boy who stumbles into the world of ghosts. When he is attacked by a dangerous monster, a mysterious ghost saves him. In exchange for his life, the ghost asks him to work at the Underworld Office. A plot worthy of the greatest Light Novels, accompanied by more than 40 mini-animations. Puzzles, riddles, choices to make, etc. You won't be bored and YOU choose the path to follow!

icon 7Days!

2️⃣ 7Days!

🪦 💬

available on google play
available on app store

Very little known, but as intriguing as Underworld Office, is 7Days! (Seven Days). Indeed, this game was developed by the same indie developers as the latter, Buff Studio. Here too, you are immersed in a story in the form of conversations, with lots of endearing characters. 7Days! uses the lovometer system to guide the story and your interactions with the NPCs. There's no question of flirting here, you have to survive!

Each choice changes the course of the story. You play as Kirell, your character, who has fallen into a kind of purgatory. As the spirit of a deceased person, you have a task to complete in order to be resurrected on Earth. But you only have seven days to complete your mission. This involves some big choices as other people will have to die. A life for a life. The game has several outcomes and various very dark illustrations and animations. Dark and captivating, 7Days! is our favourite. 😍

icon Jekyll & Hyde

3️⃣ Jekyll & Hyde

📓 🕰

available on google play
available on app store

You see, Visual Novels are not only for children! Jekyll & Hyde is a game inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 novel, a gothic (Victorian) novel, a great representative of the genre. Simply put, this title is a real virtual hide-and-seek, mixing mystery and horror. Developed by MazM, this Visual Novel can be played offline. So you can enjoy the dark graphics and haunting music anywhere.

The story sets the scene in foggy, late 19th century London. A powerful, psychological game that follows the story of a lawman, Mister Utterson, in search of the unbalanced Mister Hyde (then very well hidden). A very good game for fans of horror games. The game is free, but to access all the content, you will have to pay a small fee.

icon Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors

4️⃣ Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors

🏫 🤫

available on google play
available on app store

Let's go back to a slightly more colourful Visual Novel. In the manga style, Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors offers a two-hour story about high school and love. Well, that's what it says on paper, but this game mixes its cute universe with a bit ofhorror, just to give you a good scare. With its ironic and funny chat format, discover the mysterious high school forum, where all the rumours become reality. Please note that some of the endings and subplots are quite raw and bloody. So... sensitive souls please refrain! Join Akane, Yuuki and Shino to discover the seven stories of the high school forum.

Argo's Choice icon

5️⃣ Argo's Choice

📖 🍷

available on google play
available on app store

Well, okay, Buff Studio is a bit of a king of Visual Novels. With its opus Argo's Choice, discover an interactive novel, all in black and white, centred on Argo, one of the characters present in the game 7Days! Through an online chat style conversation, influence Argo's choices and, consequently, his destiny. You start this indie game in a bar, the STYX (yes, like the river of souls in Greek mythology). Argo has a drink and goes down various roads with you as the leader. This Visual Novel is ideal for those who like short detective stories and suspenseful mobile Visual Novels.



🦋 💙

available on google play

If you were looking for a story set in Japan, this is If My Heart Had Wings. This Android-only Visual Novel is a fabulous love story full of passion and dreams. Set in the dreamy town of Kazegaura, we follow the confusing story of young Aoi Minase. On top of the hills of his hometown, between the moving windmills, he meets Kotori Habane, a young lady in a wheelchair.

This is the beginning of their touching story about a white glider flying in the clouds. A true tale on mobile, which is as much for girls as for boys. The game is available offline and in free-to-play, i.e. it is also available on PC in a paid version.

Visual Novel Android IF MY HEART HAD WINGS
Visual Novel Android IF MY HEART HAD WINGS

icon Stellaren

7️⃣ Stellaren

🔭 🪐

available on google play
available on app store

Stellaren is a true science fiction visual novel developed by Ninedux and available on iOS and Android. The title, written in English, portrays the world in the year 2340, when space is divided into two distinct systems. There is an inner system, ruled by the successor to the Galactic Wars. This system is located around the Earth. There is also the outer system, consisting of colonies and untouched planets. This system is run by the rebel forces.

The story focuses on M, a young mechanic from the outer colony NGC-13. Follow him through more than 50 free chapters with three breathtaking endings . Many twists and turns await you, following his encounter with a mysterious girl.

Visual Novel Android Stellaren
Visual Novel Android Stellaren

icon Not Exactly a Hero

8️⃣ Not Exactly A Hero

🦸🏻♂️ 🙋🏻♂️

available on google play
available on app store

Far from the improbable stories of superheroes, Buff Studio gives voice to a normal person, like you and me. Yes, the hero of this story is an ordinary citizen, named Riley. His job is very funny as he has to do several tasks for superheroes on a daily basis. Riley is their stand-in, their everyday stand-in.

In this little nugget, you'll meet a lot of people and have to maintain your relationships through your choices. You can become friends with them or, on the contrary, make enemies of them. Good to know: The game contains three different starts, four secondary character routes and nine different endings.

Pechka icon

9️⃣ Pechka

🪆 💣

available on google play
available on app store

Here we go again for a historical Visual Novel. Like Jeckyl & Hyde, this new opus from MazM plunges you into theRussian Far East of the 20th century. Based on real events in history, this game retraces the different things that happened during the war. A tragic and very touching title, narrative to perfection and infinitely captivating with its multiple endings. Every week, episodes of Pechka were released, restoring the image of the Russian cities of the time. A small plus of this Visual Novel: the possibility to collect "footnotes" to unlock plots.

icon Carpe Diem Visual Novel

🔟 Carpe Diem Visual Novel

💜 🧚🏻♀️

available on google play

If you're into short Visual Novels, we recommend Carpe Diem. Play as Jung, a young man who spends his time hanging out with the charming and sweet Ai. Jung feels that he is starting to like Ai. She represents everything he could possibly want in a girl. The aim of the game is simple: enjoy your date with Ai for a day. Your choices affect the future relationship between Ai and Jung, so choose your answers carefully. A good dating game, in short. A nice and simplistic gameplay, as well as a good psychological training in learning from others.

Seduced by our selection of the best Android and iOS Visual Novels? If you know of any other free interactive stories, let us know in the comments. 😎

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