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Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra: quest guide

Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra: quest guide

Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra is one of the quest sequences that you must complete to finish the Children of the Forest quest. The quest has 3 parts. Are you stuck on several of them and struggling to solve their riddles? Then you're in the right place, as the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra complete solution is available in this comprehensive guide. It includes many hints and tips to help you progress.

Unlock the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra quest

Location to launch the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra quest

To unlock the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra quest, teleport to the Statue of the Seven Gandharvas, then head to the main path. There you will see some sand bandits. After talking to them, exchange with Aranakin, an aranara who gives you the kusava. This item allows you to restore objects.

Kusava in Genshin Impact

Starry Night Chapter

Now that the Starry Night Chapter quest is launched, equip the kusava and use it to repair the Dendro pillar. Activate it to open the way, this will clear the vines. Venture into the cave and pick up a Dendroculus along the way.

Dendroculus to collect for Agnihotra Sutra quest

Move forward, then use the Dendro element on the Clusterleave of Cultivation to generate Four-Leaf Sigils and reach the islet where a fairy is waiting. Follow her by holding onto the Four-Leaf Sigils.

Lower the water level in the cave for the Agnihotra Sutra quest

You will eventually reach a broken Dendro pillar, repair it with the kusava, then use the Dendro element on it. This action will lower the water level.

Following the seelie

Go to the next broken Dendro pillar and repair it to activate it. The fairy will then go and stand in its base.

The falling water in the Agnihotra Sutra quest

Now that the water level has dropped sufficiently, go down to inspect the blue mushroom. You will discover that it is sealed. Go back to the entrance of the cave. To do this, use the Four-Leaf Sigils.

Pillar to be repaired with the kusava

To get out of the cave, use kusava on the broken Dendro pillar in front of you. By activating it with Dendro, you will make the roots disappear.

Cave blocked by bandits

Now head to another cave, only bandits prevent you from entering. After talking to them, venture inside and repair a Dendro pillar to lower the water level. To reach it, use the Dendro element on the Foliaceous Pistil and thus project yourself in the air.

Mushroom to collect for the Agnihotra Sutra quest

If you continue, you will finally find the mushroom you are looking for. But of course, it is sealed. Go to the objective to repair a Dendro pillar again, then use it.

Breaking the rock with the kusava for the Agnihotra Sutra quest

Now go down to the bottom of the room, where there is a source of Dendrogranums. Use them to break the large stone at the bottom of the room. Behind it you will find an activator to restore and then activate. The other two are just in front.

Restore activators in the Starry Night Chapter quest

You are then attacked by bandits, beat them and then get out of the cave to catch the raiders who stole the mushroom. Blow up the obstacles in your way with the explosives to get out.

Clear the way by breaking stones in the Starry Night Chapter quest

Once outside, you face Lunja and his gang again. Defeat them in order to recover the mushroom they stole and complete the first part of the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra quest.

Bandits to face in the Starry Night Chapter quest

To thank you for helping him, Aranakin teaches you the Rhythm of Revival. You will now be able to use your lyre to play a melody capable of repairing broken elements (even when Aranakin is not with you), as well as 40 Primogems and 3 Hero's Wit.

Risen Moon Chapter : the Agnihotra Sutra second quest

Talk to Aragaru to start the Risen Moon Chapter quest

You can now proceed to the second quest of Agnihotra's Sutra in Genshin Impact : Risen Moon Chapter. Start it by going to talk to Aragaru. The anarana changes the power of your kusava, which is now able to destroy obstacles.

Breaking the rock for the Agnihotra Sutra quest

Venture into the tunnel that winds in front of you and use kusava on the vines that block your path.

Find the runes

Runes to read for the Agnihotra Sutra quest

Your mission now is to find and read three runes.

You will find a first rune on the right, where you can see big mushrooms. Go and break a big rock with vines with your kusava. For the second rune, continue to the left until you find a new rock with vines to destroy.

Finally, you will find the third rune slightly higher up by climbing some vines on your left. You will also need to destroy a rock. Now that you have examined the three runes, leave the cave and move on to the next one.

Find the Barsam Flower

Dendroculus to be collected during the Risen Moon Chapter quest

Now you have to find the Barsam Flower. Start by going to the indicated place to jump into a hole. You will get a Dendroculus in the process.

Follow the fairies

Once you reach your destination, follow the fairy on the right. Activate the Clusterleave of Cultivation that you come across on the way to make your progress easier. Then destroy the stones that the fairy indicates to you. This will reveal a mechanism to activate.

Activate the Clusterleave of Cultivation on the way to the Agnihotra Sutra quest

Continue to follow the fairy and destroy the rock in front of her, then activate a Dendro pillar and free the passage. The fairy will then go and stand on its base.

You can now follow the one on the left. You will find a second mechanism to activate behind a rock to break with your kusava. Continue to follow the fairy until she goes to place herself on her base and destroy the green barrier.

Follow the third fairy in the Risen Moon Chapter quest

Follow a third fairy. Once again, you will have to break a rock, free and activate a Dendro pillar to clear the vines blocking your way. Several enemies are waiting for you at the end of the path. Kill them to recover a delicate chest.

Using kusava to restore activators

All you have to do is break a big stone in order to access the last mechanism. By activating it, you will free the seal of the Barsam flower and you will have to go and find it by following the fairy to finish the second part of Agnihotra Sutra quest.

The final chapter: the third Agnihotra Sutra quest

Now go to the Mawtiyima forest to complete the quest The Final Chapter in Genshin Impact. This is the 3rd part of the Agnihotra Sutra quest suite.

Recovering the Yajna Grass

Collect Yajna Grass for the Agnihotra Sutra quest

You will meet Aranaga, who will also ask you to break three seals to get your hands on theYajna Grass. To this end, like his two companions, he modifies your kusava to give it a new power. You can now lift certain platforms. From now on, go to the three points indicated.

Aiming at Dendro targets

For the first one (the one closest to your position), take Dendrogranums and use an archer to shoot the 3 Dendro targets in order to unlock the green sphere. Then you will just have to use the kusava on the flower to get it out of the water and activate the mechanism.

For the other two, you will just have to use the kusava on the flowers to activate the mechanisms. Use the hook points to move faster.

Use the kusava on the flowers for the Agnihotra Sutra quest

You can then go and get the Yajna Grass.

Performing the ritual

The ritual of the 3 aranaras on the kusava

Now that you have collected the three items requested by the aranaras, go and find them to perform a ritual. This one makes your kusava evolve and allows you to use its three powers. The yellow one repairs, the green one destroys and the red one lifts platforms.

Go to Mawtiyima

Now go to the forest of Mawtiyima and follow a Dendro fairy. She leads you to a large Withering Zone. To get through it, destroy three corrupted branches.

In order to do this, you will have to use one of the kusava's powers to activate two mechanisms and make a Dendroculum appear to destroy the stain. Two arrows around the Dendroculum to be activated show you the directions to follow.

Restore activators

On the first platform, use the repair power of the kusava (yellow) to restore a mechanism, then destroy (green) a large rock right next to it. Once the mechanisms are activated, a Dendroculum will appear. For the second branch, start by repairing the first mechanism (yellow). You will find the second one in a tree stump. Raise the flower inside (red) to activate it.

As for the third platform, use the green kusavo to repair the first mechanism, then the red one in a small cave to raise a flower and activate the mechanism inside. You can then retrieve the Dendroculum and destroy the last branch.

Defeat the enemies to complete the Agnihotra Sutra quest

All you have to do now is to destroy the miasma in the center of the cave. Before that, you will have to defeat several monsters. Avoid corruption attacks as much as possible to avoid filling your gauge.

Once the enemies are defeated, purify the miasma. The forest will be restored to its original state. Take advantage of this to go and get a Dendroculus from the hollow of a tree right next to you.

After talking to the three aranaras one last time, you complete the quest The Final Chapter and with it the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra quest suite. This unlocks the achievement The Jasmines Whisper, the Pomegranates Are Glad.

End of the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra quest

That's it for this guide to the Genshin Impact Agnihotra Sutra quest. But you may still have quests to complete to validate Children of the Forest, one of the quests in Aranyaka 2: Dream Nursery.

We have written a guide for each of them:

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