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How to beat 17-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

The 16-30 stage is already a distant memory, now it's time for the 17-30 stage of Cookie Run Kingdom! In this guide, I'll show you everything you need to know to win easily against the Golden Cheese Boss and with 3 stars in auto. The team and treasures I've used can be adapted, and they don 't need to be at max level, although level 75 is highly recommended! If you've been playing CRK for a few months now, then you'll be able to get through this composition F2P cookie-cutter on auto quite easily.

The 17-30 CRK strategy in automatic and 3-star versions

The strategy for defeating CRK's 17-30 is simple enough, but you'll need a team that's up to the task, and not just the best cookies from Cookie Run Kingdom. Here, you'll need to finish the boss off as quickly as possible, with high damage and a solid front lane.

Earn 17-30 CRK in 3 stars

If your toppings aren't high enough, like me, you can use Sugar Swan's Shining Feather treasure to revive your first dead cookie. Very useful if you want to get 3 stars with a mid-game team.

The team to pass 17-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom can be adapted with your cookies. There are just a few rules indicated in the strategy that you need to follow to unlock it and in automatic.

Cookies for CRK 17-30

The cookies I used to get through step 17-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom are the following:

  • Hollyberry Cookie
  • Rockstar Cookie
  • Captain Caviar Cookie
  • Black Pearl Cookie
  • Snapdragon Cookie

I advise you to have your cookies between level 70 and 75 minimum and with their spells increased to pass this stage automatically.

Team for 17-30 cookie run kingdom

The toppings to equip are fairly standard, being the sets usually equipped on these cookies. You need to have them at least level 9 and epic, but I strongly advise you to have them at level 12, especially for the Raspberry sets.

  • Raspberry set (ATK %) for Captain Caviar Cookie and Black Pearl Cookie
  • Set Almond (RES DGTS %) for Hollyberry Cookie
  • Swift Chocolate set (recharge time %) for Snapdragon Cookie
  • Juicy Apple Jelly set (CRIT%) for Rockstar Cookie

Treasures to combine with composition

The treasures to be used don't have to be at max level to be useful, although it's advisable. Here are the 3 treasures used to gain 17-30, which is the last floor of the story:

  • Squishy Jelly Watch (cd reduction), level 12 recommended
  • Sugar Swan's Shining Feather (revives a cookie): level 5 recommended
  • Disciple's Magic Scroll (ATK% and DEF%): level 12 recommended

Squishy Jelly Watch treasure can be replaced by its epic equivalent if the latter is high enough level (8+).

Here's a video of the 17-30 floor fight:

If you don't have the cookies from composition against 17-30 that I've just presented, here are a few ideas to adapt to your cookies.

  • Hollyberry Cookie can be replaced with another tank such as Crimson Coral Cookie.
  • Rockstar Cookie is very useful here thanks to his heal and %CRIT boost, but he can be replaced with another healer.
  • Captain Caviar Cookie the best cookie for high damage. You can use another cookie with high single-target damage.
  • Black Pearl Cookie, like Captain Caviar, can be replaced by a Cookie that causes great damage.
  • Snapdragon Cookie very strong in this composition, I advise you to keep it unless you make a combo with Herb Cookie in order to have a debuff in your team.

And that's it, this guide to winning Cookie Run Kingdom 17-30 is complete. Hopefully after this you won't be stuck and the boss will have been defeated! Feel free to share your adaptations and teams in comments to help other players 🙂

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