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Lost Centuria creation tool composition

Dear Summoners and Summoners War enthusiasts, we are pleased to present the best community tool available for Lost Centuria. is your database, creation of compositions and guides to the game. It's a site we've designed and built to help the community and encourage mutual aid between players.
You'll find guides, tips, the latest news about the game and all the information about monsters and skill stones. You will also discover that it is a tool for creating and sharing compositions and rune sets. Come on, let's go and discover this handy tool together! ⤵️ logo

List of monsters Lost Centuria and detailed guides

In the "Monsters" tab, you will find dedicated pages for each monster with filters for mana cost, elements, rarities and roles. The monster pages centralise all the information you need to know about a monster. Its characteristics, its skill and passive, its base stats and its 3 skill stones. You can also see the rune sets and compositions proposed by the community for this monster.

List of monsters

Want to share your rune set with other players? Click on "Add a set" to access the rune set creation page. First, name your rune set, then choose the set you want to apply to your monster. Then, select up to 4 sub-stats and the skill stone you recommend with the set. Finally, add a description to explain the purpose of the set, its synergies or any other important information for the community. Send it and once validated by our team, it will be published on the site.

Add a rune set

💡 Note that you must be logged in to publish your rune set on

List of compositions Lost Centuria

In the tab "List of compositions" you will find courses Lost Centuria already published by the community. Filters are at your disposal to allow you to easily find new compositions. You can filter your search by :

  • monster in the deck,
  • average mana cost,
  • the
  • number of likes,
  • date of publication.
List of compositions

The list provides a quick view of the compositions, but you can open each composition to see it in detail. Click on "See more" to add a comment on this deck or share it.

Details of the compositions

You have a great composition and it's not in the list? Want to test and theorycraft? Go and discover our free tool for creating composition Lost Centuria.

Creating a team on how does it work?

Let's move on to the "Create compositions" tab. Here we are on the creation tool, you'll see, it's pretty cool and you really have a lot to do! As with creating rune sets, you must name your composition and add a description to explain to other players how to master it.
Before starting, log in or create an account. If you are not logged in, your composition will not be published. It's easy, just click on "Sign in" in the top right corner, to access the login or registration window.

To add monsters, everything is done by drag and drop. There are many filters to easily add your monsters and spells. The creation tool of compositions allows you to visualize the average cost in mana, the elements and the roles of the monsters present in your composition as well as their rarity. Also, if you click directly on a monster, it will open its detail page.

Creating compositions

When you have finished composing your team, click on "Validate and publish". Once approved by our team, it will be published on the site. You can find the rune sets and compositions you have published in your profile on the top right.

💡 Little tip: you can't move a monster already placed in the tool yet. So to remove or change it, replace it with another monster and add it again at the desired location.

Follow the updates of Lost Centuria and the guides

Finally,, allows you to follow the news of the game. Via the News tab, you can access all the news from Lost Centuria, such as patch notes, updates, new monsters and special events. Also, in the Tips section, you will find guides for Lost Centuria in the form of articles and videos. As you can see, centralizes everything you need to improve on Summoners War: Lost Centuria.

The overview of this new tool Lost Centuria is finished! We hope you will enjoy this new tool. We invite you, right now, to come and share your rune sets and compositions and tell your friends about it 😉
Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments what you think of this tool and what improvements you would like us to make! Enjoy the game!

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