Best Marvel Snap decks: Tier list of the current meta

Best Marvel Snap decks guide

Wondering what the best Marvel Snap decks are? Well, you've come to the right place, because we're revealing all about the best team compositions in the Marvel superheroic universe TCG . Whether you prefer pure strength or mischievous strategy, check out our tips and tricks for putting together and learning to play the best Marvel Snap decks.

Omega Red Deck: one of the best Marvel Snap decks around the Continuous effect

We start our list of the best Marvel Snap decks with a composition that relies mainly on three cards. As the name of the deck indicates, the first character is Omega Red, whose ability and add 4 power to the other slots if the score reaches 10 where it is. The latter can be used in combo with Iron Man, since between them they reach 10 power.

The third major card in this deck is Onslaught, which can double the ongoing effects of these cards and create a powerful combo, especially with Spectrum or Namor.

The best Marvel Snap deck with Omega Red

With this Omega Red deck, it's all about the endgame. But in order to set up your combo, secure the field with Armor, gather information with Uatu and hide your strategy with Invisible Woman.

If you have one point left to spend on a turn, you can take the gamble of placing Ebony Maw, but that location will be condemned on your side until the end of the game.

Finally, add The Punisher, Mister Fantastic and Ant-Man to complete one of the best Marvel Snap decks. However, these last three cards can be replaced with other Continuous Effect cards of similar cost.

Odin Deck: One of the best Marvel Snap decks around the On Reveal effect

After the Continuous effect, we continue our best Marvel Snap decks guide with a deck that takes advantage of the On Reveal effect. Like Onslaught, Odin is able to double its effect, which makes for some interesting late-game combos.

For example, you can reapply the tiger appearance of White Tiger, get an extra card with Jubilee or upgrade three cards with Ironheart.

The best Marvel Snap deck with Odin

Especially since this is cumulative with Wong's ability, which makes the Revealed effects of the cards in his slot occur twice.

If you did not draw Odin or his placement is not interesting, you always have America Chavez to give you a safe option on the last turn of the game.

At the beginning of the game, your goal will be to fill the field with Nightcrawler, Mister Sinister and Sentinel, which will later benefit Wolsbane. Finally, Elektra can be handy for removing an opponent's card, while Okoye improves the cards in your deck.

Carnage / Venom Deck: filling and destruction

To conclude our list of the best Marvel Snap decks, let's end with a deck based on filling slots and destroying your own cards.

Unlike previous decks, this one does not have the name of the card to be played at the very end of the game. Carnage is a cost 2 card, which has the ability to destroy allies in that slot and increase its power by 2 per card. Venom, on the other hand, is a 3 cost card. The symbiote does not get a set amount of power back, but the exact amount of power the target has.

Venom / Carnage, one of the best Marvel Snap decks

To do this, you can start by playing Squirrel Girl to get cards in all the slots. Continue to fill the field with Mister Sinister, Debrii or Brood, then place Bucky Barnes and Nova to be destroyed by Carnage and Venom. The former will be replaced by the Winter Soldier, while the latter will enhance the power of all your cards.

In the final rounds, use Ant-Man, Captain America and Wolfsbane to complete the slots and apply their bonuses. Finally, Blue Marvel will reinforce all of your characters to end the battle.

So much for this best Marvel Snap decks guide, available on Android, iOS and PC. Thanks to our tips and tricks, you now know how to compose and play effective decks to climb the leaderboard and reach the Infinite rank. To learn more about this Marvel trading card game, visit our Marvel Snap test.

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