The new Marvel Snap cards and Collector tokens

The new Marvel Snap cards and Collector tokens

Let's discover together the new Marvel Snap cards that the next update of the game has in store for us, including the addition of a new store to use the Collector's tokens in the TCG of the Marvel superheroic universe. On the agenda: we leave Wakanda for the power of New York and take the S.H.I.E.L.D. helipad to the infinity of the galaxy.

The 16 new Marvel Snap cards

For starters, the game's next update will bring 16 new Marvel Snap cards to add to the best Marvel Snap decks. Ten of them are placed in Series 4, the rare cards obtained from the Collector's stash, while the remaining six will be placed in Series 5, which will also house cards from past Season Pass.

The cards in this set, which will also house cards from past Season Pass, can be found in the Collector's Stash and are ten times rarer to find than those in Set 4. Let's take a closer look at what these new Marvel Snap cards are and the effects they bring.

CardNamePowerCostEffect of the new Marvel Snap cards
Marvel Snap She-Hulk CardShe-Hulk610For each energy not used in the previous turn, cost -1.
Marvel Snap Titania CardTitania15When any card is played in this slot, that card changes sides.
Luke CageLuke Cage21Continuous: the power of your cards cannot be reduced.
Marvel Snap Absorbing Man CardAbsorbing Man43Revealed: If the last card you played has a "Revealed" effect, this card also gets that effect.
Marvel Snap Maria Hill CardMaria Hill23Revealed: adds a random card of cost 1 to your hand.
Marvel Snap Agent Coulson CardAgent Coulson34Revealed: Adds a random card of cost 4 and another of cost 5 to your hand.
The S.H.I.E.L.D. heliportHelicarrier610When you discard this card from your hand, it is replaced by three random cards.
Marvel Snap M'Baku CardM'Baku12If this card is in your deck after the last round, it jumps to a random location.
Marvel Snap Attuma CardAttuma410If you have another card here at the end of the turn, that card is destroyed.
Marvel Snap Orka CardOrka69Continuous: If this is your only card here, power +5.
Galactus, the devourer of worldsGalactus63Revealed: If this is your only card here, destroy all other locations.
Marvel Snap Valkyrie CardValkyrie53Revealed: the power of all cards in this slot is adjusted to 3.
Marvel Snap Super Skrull CardSuper Skrull42Continuous: acquires the "Continuous" effects of all enemy cards.
ShuriShuri42Revealed: doubles the power of the next card you play.
Marvel Snap Bast CardBast11Revealed: The power of each card in your hand is adjusted to 3.
Marvel Snap Thanos CardThanos68At the start of the game, add the six Infinity Stones to your deck: Mind Stone: Revealed: Draw Infinity Stones from your deck. Power Stone: Continuous: If you have played all 6 Infinity Stones, Thanos gains power +10 (wherever he is). Reality Stone: Revealed: Transform this slot into another and draw a card. Soul Stone: Revealed: draw a card. Continuous: -1 power to enemy cards here. Space Stone: Revealed: in the next turn, you can move a card to this space. Draw a card. Time Stone: Revealed: Energy +1 next turn. Draw a card.

The arrival of the token store

In addition to the new Marvel Snap cards, the next update will include a new token store, which allows you to purchase a random card you don't own in exchange for Collector tokens.

Zeichen des Collectors-Shop

Every eight hours, the card offered by the chip store is updated. However, if you want to stop the rotation to save chips, you can always pin it.

The Collector's tokens can be obtained from the Collector's caches and stashes instead of the card boosters, but also from the chests reserved for players with a collection level above 500.

So much for the new Marvel Snap cards to come and the arrival of the Collector's Token Shop. If you're interested in learning more about this collectible card game from Nuverse, I'll leave you with our Marvel Snap test.

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