The new Marvel Snap Spider-Versus season weaves its web

Siason Spider-versus Marvel Snap, maps, locations and Conquest mode

Since June 6, the Spider-Verse has been the focus of Marvel Snap and its Spider-Versus season. With the release of the animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse making a big splash in cinemas, publisher Nuverse has announced a season packed with new features and lots of PvP. To find out what's in store for you in the coming weeks, follow the guide. The new cards and slots that will be appearing may well force you to rethink the composition of your decks, especially in Conquest mode...

Upcoming cards in Marvel Snap

This month in the Spider-versus season, when you take out the Marvel Snap Premium subscription, you'll receive the Ghost-Spider (Spider-Gwen) card. It requires 2 energy points and displays 3 power points. Its effect is revealed: it moves the last card played to this slot. This move by the publisher will bring some novelty to mobility-based decks, which is quite positive. If you'd like to get the Ghost-Spider card for free, it will be included in Pool 5 next season.

Ghost Spider Gwen in new Marvel Snap Spider-versus season card

Three more maps will gradually appear in the game during the June season, according to the patch notes:

  • Silk: (cost 2/power 5), June 13. When a card is played here, Silk moves to another location.
  • Spider-Ham: (cost 1/power 1), June 20. Playing this card turns the most expensive card in your opponent's hand into a pig.  
  • Spider-Man 2099: (cost 4/power 6), June 27. The first time he moves to a location, he destroys one of his opponent's cards.
New Marvel Snap Spider-versus season cards

Note that for the new Marvel Snap Spider-Versus season, Nebula, the star card of last season's focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy, is now integrated into Pool 5.

New locations

As Ben Brode's game likes to surf on the latest MCU news, the new locations are directly linked to the Spider-Verse. Starting June 14, we'll be able to battle it out at "Aunt May's". The first card you place in this location gets a 3-point bonus in power and moves. On June 28, a new battleground will appear, the "Great Web". At the end of each turn, a player's card (chosen at random) is moved to this location.

Marvel Snap Aunt May Clean and Great Web locations

The new Marvel Snap Spider-Versus locations affect the mobility of the meta's maps, and incorporate new twists and turns that will add spice to the PvP Conquest mode I'm about to introduce.

Tournament mode in Marvel Snap on June 13

After the release of the PvP mode between friends at the beginning of the year, the big news of this new season is the arrival of a much-anticipated game mode: the Conquest Marvel Snap tournament. To win exclusive rewards , players will have to compete one after the other... From June 13, TCG players who wish to do so will have free access to the first level of the tournament: Proving Grounds.

Conquest Mode Marvel Snap PvP Tournament

Winners receive a Silver Ticket to compete in the next level, and so on. At the end of the season, the best players will meet in a final showdown for the "Infinite Avatar Frame" award. But be careful, because the first time you lose, you're back to square one! To try your luck again, you'll need another ticket. These can also be purchased with gold in-game.

And that's it for these Marvel Snap Spider-versus patch notes that weave their web on mobile with 2 slots, 4 maps and a PvP Conquest mode that will push competitors to their most heroic limits!

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