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Raids Pokémon GO: February 2022 calendar and full guide

Raids Pokémon GO

Raids in Pokémon GO are one of the most important mechanics in the game. These allow you to capture rare and powerful Pokémon , the highest of which is still to be obtained in the mega-raid. We've put together a guide to help you participate and win, as well as a schedule of current raids in Pokémon GO.

Current Pokémon GO Raids Schedule

Here is the current Pokémon GO raid calendar listing the upcoming raid battles available from 01 to 15 February 2022.

Level 1

Archeomire Pokémon GO


Alola Scraper Pokémon GO

Alolan Geodude*



Level 2




Donphan Pokémon GO



Regirock Pokémon  GO



MegaHoundoom Pokémon  GO


*Available in shiny

Please feel free to bookmark our article. We will update this article as soon as the next Pokémon GO raids schedules are announced. You can also subscribe to our notifications.

Beat Genesect in the legendary raid

Beating Genesect- Shock Module in Pokémon GO will not be easy! It is a very powerful Pokémon . Fortunately, it has a double weakness that you can exploit. To defeat it, we recommend a team of at least 6 people and Pokémon Fire type.

The following Pokémon are a very good choice: Charizard, Blaziken, Flareon, Heatran, Moltres, Magmortar, and Reshiram

Genesect Shock Pokémon GO

Genesect (Shock module)

Type Insect
Type Steel

You can also increase your chances of winning by using a Pokémon Obscure Rock type like Scorvol which you get by beating Arlo from Team GO Rocket.

Pokémon GO Raids Guide

Pokémon GO Raids allow you to try and capture Pokémon which are more or less rare and necessarily have good stats. They also have a higher probability of being encountered in their shinyversion, if available in-game. You will also be rewarded with very useful items for your progress as well as 3000 PX.

Super Bonbon

Super Bonbon Object Pokémon GO

Baire Framby Dorée

Baire Framby Dorée

CT Immediate Attacks

CT Immediate Object Pokémon GO


Reminder Object Pokémon GO

CT Attack Charged

TC Subject Pokémon GO

Reminder Max

Reminder Max Object Pokémon GO

Find a Raid with eggs in Pokémon GO

Raids can be found during the day between 5am and 10pm above the arenas or through the Nearby feature at the bottom right of your screen. The raid time in Pokémon GO also shows a specific raid on all arenas every Wednesday of the month between 6pm and 7pm.

Raids are represented by an egg indicating their difficulty level and a timer indicating the time until they hatch. Once the egg hatches, you have 45 minutes to complete the raid and defeat Pokémon in an attempt to capture it.

Depending on the difficulty of the raid, you will need the help of other players who can join your party to reach a total of up to 20 participants.

Raid 1 egg Pokémon GO

Level 1 Raids

Raid 1 eggs can usually be defeated on their own without difficulty. Use your Pokémon with the highest PCs and you should win without problems. Duration: 3 minutes

Raid 3 egg Pokémon GO

Level 3 Raids

Pokémon found in level 3 raid eggs are rarer and more powerful. We recommend that you gather between 3 and 7 players to ensure victory. Duration: 3 minutes.

Legendary Raid Egg Pokémon GO

Legendary Raids

This is the most difficult raid in Pokémon GO. This legendary raid egg will have you encountering some very rare and overpowered legendary Pokémon . You will need between 8 and 11 participants to be sure to defeat it. Duration: 5 minutes

Mega-Raid Egg Pokémon GO


Mega-raid eggs is a fairly new feature that allows you to meet Pokémon capable of mega-evolution as well as the candy needed for their mega-evolution. You can beat their final form easily with a minimum of 8 other players.

Participating in a Raid battle

To participate in a raid in Pokémon GO, you'll need the Premium Battle Pass item, which is available in the shop for 100 Pokieces or in select gift boxes. In addition, you will have a daily Raid Pass Free to collect by spinning the PhotoDisc in any arena.

object combat pass from Raid Pokémon GO
Combat Pass

You can also participate in a remote raid with a Remote Raid Pass, also available in the shop, which can be accumulated up to 3 times in your inventory.

Object passes Remote Raid Pokémon GO
Remote Raid Pass

You caninvite up to 5 friends from a distance and of course be invited back. You will be notified in this case by an orange notification at the bottom of your screen.

Fighting in a Pokémon GO Raid

Once everyone is in the lobby waiting for the raid you will have time to build a team of Pokémon which will be more or less decisive depending on the difficulty. In the time available, we advise you to choose Pokémon who hit hard and fast.

It is also important to know that the strength of all players will be multiplied depending on the level of friendship of the participants and the presence of a Pokémon mega-evolved.

Fighting in a raid
Baltazar does his best.

During the fight, you can use your Immediate Attacks as well as your Charged Attacks but also dodge.

After defeating the raid boss, achievements will be distributed to fighters according to specific conditions. It will be possible to upload the image and share it on social networks to show your achievements as a trainer.

Consecration: Capturing the Pokémon

Now all you have to do is get your rewards raid balls and try to capture the coveted Pokémon. The number ofHonor Balls you receive depends on the following criteria:

  • The amount of damage inflicted on the Raid Boss by you
  • The amount of damage inflicted on the Raid Boss by your team
  • The number of friends present in the Raid
  • The control of the Arena in which the Raid takes place

You will therefore get between 6 and 20 Honor Balls for trying to capture the raid boss.
For the legendary Pokémon , we strongly advise you touse your Golden Raspberries.

Note: If, by chance, the Pokémon to be captured is in its shiny version, a single successful throw will guarantee its capture.

Good luck with your raid battles in Pokémon GO. Let us know in the comments if you've managed to capture the Pokémon you're after! Call on your friends and don't forget to check out our other tips Pokémon GO.

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