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Rush Royale Tier List: ranking of the best cards

Rush Royale tier list

In Rush Royale, you have to build decks of cards to defeat your opponents. Whether you're playing in Player vs. Player mode or in co-op mode, the cards are vital to your progress, so it's essential to choose the best one. It's thanks to these cards that you'll be able to summon units onto the battlefield to protect your base and attack your enemies. If you're not sure which items to choose, here's our Rush Royale tier list to help you select the best cards.

Rush Royale tier list: the ranking of the best cards

In our Rush Royale tier, you'll notice that the cards are classified by level. There are 4 levels, from S to C. Here are the details:

  • Tier S: Harlequin, Vampire, Dryad, Boreas, Summoner, Shaman.

  • Tier A: Chemist, Inquisitor, Plague Doctor, Corsair, Minotaur.

  • Tier B: Wind Archer, Ice Mage, Hunter, Portal Guardian, Priestess, Bombardier, Bannerman.

  • Tier C: Alchemist, Demonologist, Archer, Lightning Mage, Reaper, Fire Mage, Magic Cauldron.

Tier S: the most powerful cards in our Rush Royale tier list

Discover the best cards in the game in this table of Tier S cards from our Rush Royale tier list. It includes high-level and very powerful cards. If you want to go far in the game, you'll need these cards. Of course, you won't be able to get them from the start of the game.



Harlequin Rush Royale


Legendary card that can be merged to create another unit of the same rank

Rush Royale vampire


This card allows you to recover a lot of mana quickly

Rush Royale dryade


Increases the fusion rank of the unit with which the Dryad is fused.

Rush Royale boreas


Legendary card capable of increasing attack speed

Rush Royale summoner


Legendary card with the ability to summon new units

Rush Royale shaman


Legendary card that reduces fusion rank when fused

Tier A: the right cards to have in Rush Royale

Take a look at our table of Tier A cards. With these cards, you can go pretty far in Rush Royale. Tier A heroes are great alternatives to Tier S heroes, which can be harder to get.



Rush Royale chemist


Card that increases the damage suffered by the target

tier list Rush Royale inquisitor


Legendary card that increases the damage caused by each attack

Rush Royale plague doctor

Plague Doctor

Poisons enemies who, when they die, inflict damage on others

Rush Royale privateer


Legendary card that launches explosive traps onto the battlefield

Rush Royale minotaur


Legendary card that causes earthquakes that slow down and inflict damage on enemies.

Tier B: the versatile and interesting cards in the Rush Royale tier list

Here's our table of Tier B heroes from our Rush Royale tier list. Here you'll find versatile and balanced heroes. They're good characters, but they have certain limitations. With these cards, you won't be able to reach the end game.



Rush Royale archer of the wind

Wind Archer

Thanks to its "Hurricane" skill, this card considerably increases attack speed.

Rush Royale ice mage

Ice Mage

Reduces the target's movement speed

Rush Royale hunter


The more this card is fused, the more its damage is increased

Rush Royale gatekeeper


This card allows you to swap the position of the gatekeeper with another unit of the same rank.

Rush Royale priestess


The priestess has the ability to give mana when she is merged or killed.

Rush Royale bomber


The bomber's attacks dazzle enemies who can no longer move or use their abilities.

Rush Royale banner


Increases the attack speed of 4 neighbouring units

Tier C: the worst cards in our Rush Royale tier list

Here are the Tier C cards to choose from at the start of the game. These cards are great for getting started in Rush Royale. However, they are far from being the best. Very quickly, you'll need to replace them with stronger cards if you want to have a chance of winning battles.



Rush Royale alchemist


Creates a puddle of acid that inflicts damage on enemies

Rush Royale demonologist


When fused, the demonologist creates a monster on the opposing side.

Rush Royale archer


Has great attack speed

Rush Royale lightning mage

Lightning Mage

Inflicts lightning damage

Rush Royale reaper


Has a chance to kill a target instantly

Rush Royale fire mage

Fire Mage

Inflicts fire damage in the area around the target

Rush Royale magic cauldron

Magic Cauldron

Produces mana every 2 seconds

We hope that this Rush Royale tier list of the best cards to choose from will help you set up some good strategies. Please bear in mind that this Rush Royale tier list is given as an example only. You can adapt your decks according to the cards you have and your preferences. To find out more, take a look at our article on which Rush Royale decks are best for which levels. And to get free rewards, take advantage of our list of Rush Royale promo codes!

Christelle B.
Christelle B. A writer with a passion for video games and manga. When I'm not playing, I'm in the middle of writing a novel.
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