Sea of Conquest map: all treasure map locations

Sea of Conquest map

Are you ready to conquer the seas and live the life of a pirate? As an old sea dog, you're bound to be attracted to anything that glitters. So why not get out your Sea of Conquest map and go treasure hunting? Even if the lure of money is strong, you may not feel like wasting time scouring the game's map to find all the treasures? Then take advantage of this guide, which reveals the locations of the main treasures.

Sea of Conquest map: why look for treasure in the game?

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock treasure maps. On each Sea of Conquest map, a red cross indicates the location of a treasure. There are common, rare, epic and legendary maps. Going in search of these treasures can be pretty frustrating. But believe us, it's well worth the effort!

Why is it worth it? Because you'll find a wealth of resources, including gold and ingredients for cooking Sea of Conquest recipes and preparing delicious drinks.

In Sea of Conquest, you shouldn't neglect collecting resources. They'll come in handy in a variety of situations.

Sea of Conquest treasure map

Treasure locations on each Sea of Conquest map

Are you in a hurry to unearth the most beautiful treasures and don't want to waste time navigating the map to find resources that won't be of any use to you? We understand. That's why we've put together a short guide to help you find the treasures on each Sea of Conquest map in advance.

Common Sea of Conquest treasure map

Here you'll find various treasure maps that allow you to collect common and rare resources and ingredients.

Crystal Treasure Map

This common treasure map is one of the easiest to find. It allows you to obtain :

  • 1x oats (rare)

  • 1x red bean (common)

  • 1x silk cocoon (common)

  • 1x tiger skin (common)

  • 1x echo conch

Rare Sea of Conquest treasure maps

Rare treasure maps offer better rewards than common maps.

Map From a Cunning Merchant

This rare Sea of Conquest map, whose clue leads you to the lost sanctuary, is relatively interesting, as it offers many rewards:

  • 200 adventure experience

  • 10 emeralds

  • 3x sword

  • 3x tobacco

  • 100x storm power

  • 4x silk (rare)

Sea of Conquest cunning merchant card

Map From an Enchanting Siren

The clue on this map takes you to the smoke islands. Here again, you can fill up on resources:

  • 3x artillery

  • 3x tobacco

  • 200 adventure experience

  • 7x wood (rare)

  • 100x storm power

  • 7x silk cotton (common)

The Pirate's Handbook

This is not a Sea of Conquest map as such, because here you don't have a visual clue, but rather a textual one. To find the treasure, you'll have to go near the port of Saint Jean. Here are the rewards you can obtain:

  • 3x ivory

  • 3x alluvial gold

  • 6x sulphur (rare)

  • 100x storm power

  • 7x wheat (common)

Miser's Treasure Map Sea of Conquest

The clue on this map asks you to go to the Gulf of Gunwhale, just above the City of Plenty. The rewards are as follows:

  • 10 emeralds

  • 3x merchandise

  • 200x adventure experience

  • 3x short arm

Shipwreck Treasure Map

The treasure on this map is located in the Aurora Strait and gives you :

  • 100x storm power

  • 7x sandalwood (rare)

  • 7x lead ore (common)

Shipwreck Sea of Conquest map

Sleeping Lady at the Bottom of the Ocean map

On the Lazaret Islands, you'll find this lovely treasure, the rewards for which are :

  • 3x ivory

  • 7x limestone (rare)

  • 100x storm power

  • 7x cocoa (common)

Map of an isolated island

To find this treasure, you'll need to visit the smoke islands once again. Find out what rewards await you:

  • 10 emeralds

  • 200x adventure experience

  • 3x alluvial gold

  • 3x uzi steel

  • 7x amber (rare)

  • 5x nitrate

Epic Sea of Conquest map

In terms of rewards, the epic treasure maps are far more interesting. As soon as you have the chance, we recommend that you go and get them without delay.

Entrance to Duke Abagon's Tomb map

This Sea of Conquest map entitles you to valuable rewards without actually having to search the map for clues. Here's what you'll get

  • 1x horn of the storm

  • 1x painting tool

  • 50 emeralds

  • 20K wood

  • 10K iron

Sea of Conquest duke map

Map of a Forgotten Sea

The treasure on this map can be found on the smoke islands. Find out what it contains:

  • 10x tobacco

  • 10x artillery

  • 10x tea (rare)

  • 7x tiger skin (common)

  • 30 emeralds

  • 100x adventure experience

Treasure in the Desert's Eye map

It's in the Misty Isles that you'll find the treasure of this epic map. Here are the rewards that await you:

  • 10x tobacco

  • 30 emeralds

  • 400x adventure experience

  • 10x ginseng

  • 10x wool (common)

Sea of Conquest desert map

The Autobiography of Simon

This is no ordinary map. To find the treasure, you need to read the text and understand the clue. To save time, the treasure is located to the south of Pitaya Island. Here's what's inside:

  • 400x adventure experience

  • 10x artillery

  • 10x flannel (rare)

  • 100x storm power

  • 10x sausage (common)

Map of the mutilated lyre

This treasure is located near the Miser's Treasure Map, in the Gulf of Gunwhale. So don't hesitate to make these two treasure maps at the same time! For the map of the mutilated lyre, here are the rewards:

  • 10x Uzi steel

  • 400x adventure experience

  • 100x storm power

  • 10x benzoin (rare)

  • 10x tin ore (common)

Map of the mutilated lyre Sea of Conquest

Legendary Sea of Conquest map

Legendary treasure maps offer the best rewards, particularly in terms of experience and emeralds. However, these treasures are also the hardest to find. To make your adventure easier, take a look at our Sea of Conquest tips and tricks.

Amber Hall's Treasure Map

The treasure on this map can be found at Merry Waters. Be careful, as you approach the area, you'll find a sea monster nearby. You'll have no choice but to fight it to collect your rewards safely. Here's the treasure:

  • 60 emeralds

  • 40x artillery

  • 40x tobacco

  • 600 adventure experience

Sea of Conquest Amber card

We hope this article will make it easier for you to find the treasures on each Sea of Conquest map. To extend your gaming experience, we suggest you consult our tier list of the best Sea of Conquest heroes.

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