Genshin Impact Characters Guide

There are several dozen characters in Genshin Impact, with the list being added to as updates are released. Each hero has specific skills, a rarity level and an element: pyro, anemo, geo, electro, dendro, hydro and cryo. Our Genshin Impact character guides will help you find out more and make the most of the different heroes.

List of all Genshin Impact Characters Guides

Genshin Impact Characters Guide: how do I unlock the game's heroes?

Our Genshin Impact character guides show you the different ways to unlock new heroes:

  • Via the gacha system: this is the main method for obtaining new characters. By accumulating wishes or in-game currencies (Primogemmes, for example), you can unlock new characters from a banner. This is how you can obtain 5-star characters, available on a limited basis. Microtransactions are another way of adding to your pool of heroes.

  • Completing quests and advancing in the story of Genshin Impact will also help you unlock new characters. Only a few 5-star heroes can be obtained in this way.

How can I optimise my characters using our guides?

In each Genshin Impact character guide, you can find out more about the character's element, weapon type, talents and constellations. This information will help you to identify the heroes best suited to your style of play, and also to complete your teams in Genshin Impact.

The best characters are, of course, the 5 stars. However, every hero can be interesting. In fact, if properly optimised, any Genshin character can be useful. Builds in Genshin Impact should not be neglected, so that you can make the most of your time in the game!

Check out our Genshin characters guides to find out more about all the heroes and choose the ones that suit you best!

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