Genshin Impact Materials

Elevation materials are essential items for developing characters in Genshin Impact. But be careful: each hero needs a specific elevation material for their element. Our farm tips will help you find the right Genshin Impact materials!

List of all Genshin Impact materials

How many character ascension materials are there in Genshin Impact?

The materials in Genshin Impact allow your characters to reach a new rank, making them more powerful. There are a number of upgrading materials to complete each character's set:

  • 9 jewels,

  • 30 elemental stones

  • 39 common items,

  • 42 local materials, scattered around the Teyvat map.

There are several types of elevation materials:

  • Character upgrade materials: these allow you to take your heroes to the next level and unlock new skills.

  • Character ability materials: these items improve your heroes' abilities. These materials generally come in the form of books and can only be used on heroes in phase 2 of elevation.

  • Weapon upgrade materials: These are the items needed to optimise a weapon once it has reached its maximum level.

Collecting weapon upgrade materials is essential for optimising builds in Genshin Impact. Farming is an integral part of the game!

How do I farm elevation materials in Genshin Impact?

Each character requires specific Genshin Impact elevation materials. There are several ways to farm these items:

  • Beat bosses to collect resin, a resource that can be spent on materials.

  • Synthesis is another way of making elevation materials.

  • Regular events also unlock Genshin Impact materials.

  • Some elevation materials can simply be collected in certain areas of the game.

By collecting the right items, you can optimise each character in your teams in Genshin Impact and progress effectively through the game. To find out more about how to farm the various materials in Genshin Impact, take a look at our dedicated guides!

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