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Mobile Legends, all September leaks

Mobile Legends is not at the top of the mobile gaming world by chance. This MOBA, which is particularly popular in Asia, manages to captivate crowds by re...[Read More]

Mobile Legends anniversary: calendar and rewards

Mobile Legends players will soon have the pleasure of participating in a big in-game event: Project Next 2021. It's shaping up to be a big one,...[Read More]

Floryn Mobile Legends: new hero arrives

The next patch will introduce Floryn from Mobile Legends, a brand new hero to play in the hit mobile MOBA. For the time being, the...[Read More]

August's skins Mobile Legends already teased

Mobile Legends players had better save their diamonds. Bang Bang has decided to tease the full skins that will be released in the near future.[Read More]

6 new Mobile Legends heroes on the way?

There are already more than a hundred heroes in Mobile Legends, and the developers have no intention of stopping there. D...[Read More]

Mobile Legends x Stars Wars collaboration coming

When two behemoths meet, the shock is inevitable. We therefore advise you to sink into your chair so as not to fall to the ground.[Read More]

The MSC 2021: $150,000 Mobile Legends Tournament

After skipping its turn in 2020 due to the global pandemic and travel restrictions, the Mobile Legends Southeast Asian Cup (MSC) is making a comeback.[Read More]

Mobile Legends takeover: ByteDance makes a big move

You may not be familiar with the name ByteDance, but it's the behemoth behind the TikTok mobile app. This...[Read More]

Release of a Mobile Legends film, Winter Clash

The world of mobile gaming is constantly developing and becoming richer and richer. However, it is also a cruel world where competition is fierce.[Read More]

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