Discover Angry Birds Kingdom in progressive release, an RPG by Rovio

Release of Angry Birds Kingdom, the soft launch RPG from Rovio

Rovio Entertainment continues to make noise with the launch of its mobile games. The release of Angry Birds Kingdom starts this month with the game opening in beta in some countries like the Philippines. I'll introduce you to this somewhat special Angry Birds RPG in detail with its story, gameplay and latest news. This should help you gauge your interest in the worldwide release of Angry Birds Kingdom in the coming months.

Everything we know about Angry Birds Kingdom

Your goal is to save the eggs and build the most powerful kingdom to resist the ugly green pigs in Rovio's cartoon universe. First, the idea of an Angry Birds Kingdom release first appeared in a Facebook post in August 2022.

Angry Birds Kingdom Icon PlayStore Appstore Logo


On the story side, it's Red who catches pigs running away with the eggs of two other birds to collect an egg tax. Armed with a sword, the red bird of Angry Birds Kingdom chases them, recovers the stolen eggs and is thanked by the Village Elder who offers him to stay in the village for a while. Unfortunately, the village has been ravaged by the pigs and Red, enraged, decides to gather the birds to build an Angry Birds Kingdom and resist the egg tax.

Anrgy Birds Kingdom Slingshot mobile gameplay at Android launch

With Red as a conquering warrior against the pigs, it's safe to say that Rovio is hitting hard to make Red a mobile game mascot.


Even before Angry Birds Kingdom is released worldwide, we already know what the gameplay looks like. To build your kingdom, repel the pigs in ultra-fast wave combat phases of less than 30 seconds. Before the battle, place your birds and choose a bonus skill to influence the course of the game. And for added power, take advantage of the historic Angry Birds propulsion mechanic with slingshots.

Soryoe Angry Birds Kingdom Gameplay Screenshot

In addition to the battles, participate in the management of the Angry Birds kingdom: building upgrades, customization, use of resources earned with your victories and collection of iconic birds to upgrade to fight the pigs.

Far from its usual games, Rovio offers here a PvE adventure in the bird forest with strategic combat. In Angry Birds Kingdom, the birds take up arms in battles with real time positioning and a drag and drop mechanic in front of waves of enemies. You can discover the complete gameplay of ABK in the video below.

Angry Birds Kingdom release date in the world

The release date of Angry Birds Kingdom is not yet known for all countries. This is normal since the game is still in a controlled beta phase. ABK is currently only available on Android and is highly anticipated by players.

On the one hand, Rovio is circulating recurring surveys to improve the game. And on the other, we're waiting for news of a release date for Angry Birds Kingdoms on iOS and worldwide with anticipation! Keep following JeuMobi news or the game's fandom page to make sure you don't miss any of the ABK pre-registration announcements and the upcoming global launch.

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