Rocket League coming to mobile?

Rocket League mobile to be released soon?

A real UFO of Gaming andE-sports, Rocket League could soon arrive on mobile! At least that's what's being whispered about in the gaming community. Fans have been investigating to find a trail leading to this hypothesis. A hypothesis that would be in line with the evolution of the game developed by Psyonix. First released on Windows and Playstation 4 (2015), it then reached Xbox, Linux and Mac (2016) and then the Switch (2017) shortly after.

A small lead that makes sense

You had to look hard to bring this track to life. It all started with a tweet from Psyonixannouncing the recruitment of 5 new positions. As a bonus, a link to the official website which lists all the open positions in the company.
Amongst others, the position of DEV QA (Quality Insurance) Tester can be found there. A position that in its detailed description requires experience in mobile quality testing as well as skills to test the functionality of consoles and IOS and Android applications.
The tweet that set the world on fire.

This was all it took to get fans excited about the game and their hopes of seeing it on mobile. Knowing that many games like PUBG, Call of Duty or even Fortnite have all made the mobile transition successfully.

Epic Games, a not innocent shadow

What inflates this hope - which today remains a theory, remember - is the involvement ofEpic Games. The American company bought Psyonix in May 2019. Its appetite for the world of mobile gaming is no secret.
Its formula 1 game, Fortnite, is a hit on mobile as evidenced by the recent partnership with One Plus. On top of that, founder Tim Sweenay has indicated that the Epic Games shop may also be coming to mobile soon. When you put the pieces of the puzzle together... The company would surely welcome the arrival of Rocket League on mobile.

Fortnite mobile
After Fortnite, Epic Games could continue to target mobile gamers.

Rocket League mobile: an adaptation that raises questions

The anticipation is therefore bound to be enormous for a claimed community of 60 millionplayers (2019). The majority of fans play with the controller to take advantage of the joysticks. They are very useful for controlling the vehicle but also the camera's angle of view.
On mobile, it will therefore be necessary to integrate an external controller or to develop effective tactile joysticks. Rocket League on mobile is a big expectation, but also a big challenge for Psyonix! To be continued!

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